Vancouver to increase facilities at two physical gaming properties

Vancouver City Council has decided to introduce additional facilities at two brick-and-mortar gaming properties in the city to enhance gamers’ experiences. 

The decision was taken after the British Columbia Lottery Corporation suggested making table games and slot machines a significant part of its overall gambling policy.

In the opinion of the corporation, this will be a productive step in terms of offering further gaming pleasure for gamers and raking in increased revenue. 

Added to that, the Standing Committee on Policy and Strategic Policies closely studied some suggestions that spoke of putting a closure on the 2011 stay order, which does not accept applications pertaining to gaming at physical gambling dens. 

As per the BCLC, it gave its assurance to Canadian Gaming Business regarding the council permitting the officials to begin accepting applications for transforming the present lottery related policies regarding the current gaming venues.

The resultant factor related to this exercise is that it has been decided that there will be alterations made to Section 18 (1) of the Gaming Control Act. In return, the casinos will be required to furnish all details regarding the overall condition of their premises and the facilities offered. 

As per the game plan of BCLC, it will remain closely connected with the arthritis of Vancouver. This will involve the entire gamut of government bodies linked with the gambling space. 

The focus now is on the two gambling properties; in the case of other gambling businesses, the blanket ban will continue to apply.

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