CFL reinstates gambling suspension for Montreal Alouettes’ Shawn Lemon

An arbitrator has overturned the unspecified timeline suspension order by the CFL against Montreal Alouettes’ Shawn Lemon for wagering on sports. Lemon was playing defensive lineman for the team. 

The main allegation against the player was that he had gambled on sports, a fact that is against the rules set by the Canadian Football League. This was during the period when he was representing the Calgary Stampeders, countering which he appealed for the removal of the suspension order by the CFL. While the appeal was being mulled over, he returned to his training program and continued to play according to the league rules. 

After that, Lemon took part in the initial games in Montreal, resulting in his team donning the winner’s hat. A creditable feat indeed. 

However, considering that he had breached the rules, the CFL passed an indefinite suspension order against Lemon following a mandatory hearing, initially slated for the 5th of July, which is now being extended to the 1st and 2nd of August. This was due to the appeal filed by him.  

On hearing this, the League asked for an instant suspension order against him, justifying it because the arbitrator had found the suspension order to be in line with the charges labeled. They added that, until the hearing takes place, Lemon will need to refrain from any practise sessions, as well as any game playing.

A while back, despite having signed up with Aloette for another one-year term, he stunned everyone with his plans to retire from the game. Shortly after was his suspension order. 

Till the time of the hearing, one and all connected and concerned with the game of football are waiting with bated breath for the final outcome.

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