mkodo joins Canadian Gaming Association to boost iGaming industry

The Canadian Gaming Association now includes mkodo among its esteemed members. This requires the company to maintain its commitment to supporting and fostering the development of Canada’s certified and thriving iGaming industry.

Having become a member, the company will be laying the path for forging associations with the top players in the iGaming sector. The objective is to enhance the overall industry by promoting better ideas and executions, emphasizing all aspects of responsible gaming. The verticals will encompass wagering, gambling, and lottery in brick-and-mortar and online formats.

According to the President and CEO of the CGA, Paul Burns, having mkodo as a member will allow them to maximize the utilization of their advanced mobile applications and geolocation offerings, which is a great advantage for all connected and concerned. 

Once the company becomes a member, it will focus on offering cutting-edge and secure products and solutions that align with the dynamic iGaming industry and meet the needs of both operators and users. Additionally, mkodo’s GeoLocs will pitch their geolocation compliance solutions, which are helpful for lottery businesses throughout Canada. These will include operators like OLG and WCLC, as well as iGaming businesses and platforms in Ontario, such as White Hat Gaming and Casino Time.

In the words of Stuart Godfree, the Managing Director of mkodo, the membership will provide them with the opportunity to make a more significant contribution to the iGaming industry in Canada. He reiterates that responsible gaming will be the primary focus.

For more than, mkodo has been a top-of-the-line supplier of mobile applications, along with websites, front-end UX, and geolocation technology targeting Canada-based lottery houses like OLG, ALC, BCLC, AGLC, and WCLC.

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