Best Live Baccarat Casinos in Canada 2023


Looking for one good reason to play baccarat at a live casino? If so, interestingly, we have more than one reason for the same for your excitement! While playing the live baccarat version, you can look forward to experiencing boundless glamour and exclusivity of a brick and mortar casino brought to you unswervingly, wherever you are. You need not go through the hassle of taking a trip to Las Vegas when playing live baccarat. In fact, the live Baccarat version will keep you drawing to online casinos time and again. 

The ability to play the most iconic casino games live has gripped the attention of maximum common players and high rollers from all over the world. With this in mind, a lot of casino operators offer the possibility of playing with real dealers so it is not difficult for a player to find a casino that offers the live game.

Anyway, without beating around the bush, let us take a dive right into the elegant and classy world of live baccarat at web casinos. Below, you will find a comprehensive guide to learn how to choose the best internet casino for live baccarat, some suggestions with the largest and most famous live baccarat betting rooms in the world and a lot more for your general knowledge.


Live baccarat despite having a lot in common with the casino classic counterpart, both have their differences. Next, you will know what are the features and distinctions that the normal online mode does not have.

  • As the name implies, live baccarat is intended to offer a real-like ambiance.
  • The aim is for a player to feel as if he/she are playing in a brick and mortar casino, but they play solely from their desktop computer or mobile phone.
  • The streaming of the gameplay is live, so decisions and games come to pass in real time only.
  • The key feature of live baccarat is that players have a live dealer in the game.
  • The live dealer feature means that a real person will be the one to deal the cards.
  • The gaming experience is remarkably improved for players, as there is a human touch.
  • In turn, real dealers can interact with players and answer questions in real time.
  • The transmission of the game is in HD; in this way, a realistic and world-class environment is created for players.
  • Players can approach, move, and even keep a tab on diverse points, for example, the table, environs, etc.
  • Another key feature of this mode is that it features a live chat for players during a gaming session. With that said, a player can interact with the dealer and other players in real time.
  • As a result of this possibility, players while playing and winning money can interact with other people.
  • Here are some other basic features of live baccarat:
    • Number of Playable Live Baccarat Tables: 13+
  • Software Provider/ Gaming Platform: Playtech.
  • Minimum and Maximum Betting Limits: $1 to $5,000.
  • Spectator Mode: Yes, a few games allow it.

Live Baccarat Online Casino in Canada

To play Baccarat, take the first step to sign up with any of the following top 10 online casinos in Canada and give your live baccarat betting a go freely. All these casinos offer a sumptuous Welcome Bonus Package to all new Canadian players. You can use it not only for playing Live Baccarat but also other Live Dealer casino games such as live slots, live roulette games, video poker, etc.

Jackpot City

Jackpot city

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Jackpot City casino is truly among the most preferred online casinos in the industry. Its generous sign up bonus provides all new players with $1,500 to play the games.

Spin Casino

Spin Casino

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Spin Casino, recognized as a well-thought-of internet casino, bestows a wonderful welcome bonus and many great rewards on its regular players and high rollers.

Ruby Fortune

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Ruby Fortune is a legitimate and tried and tested web casino offering a deluge of amazing live casino games and rewarding offers.



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Leading as one of the preeminent online casinos with a vast range of casino games, Betway casino is a casino worth signing up; it also offers a £50 welcome bonus to its new players.

Europa Casino

Europa casino

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As a regular casino buff, your choice is undoubtedly not wrong if you choose Europa Casino, which excels in every aspect imaginable. Sign up the web site for grabbing unexpected bonus offer promotions now.

Mr. Play

Mr. Play

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Being one of the top-rated online casinos, every new player is entitled to receive a grand bonus of £200 on signing it up.

Casigo Casino

Casigo casino

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Casigo casino is a new kid to the block yet they are fast earning prominence as a doozy place to gamble. Sign up at the casino to receive a whopping $1,100!

Royal Panda

Royal Panda

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Royal Panda has left no stone unturned to prove itself as one of the most esteemed online casinos. Sign up at the casino to receive a whopping $1,200!

Casino Tropez

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Casino Tropez, referred to as a very trusted online casino, is the hub of maximum online gamblers searching for a perfect and complete gambling house online. Sign up to receive a deluge of great offers.

Luckland Casino

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Luckland casino is a secure and legitimate casino with lots of games and offers reserved for every player. Sign up now to grab all the stuff!

Live Baccarat Games to Play in Canada

When it comes to playing Live Baccarat games, the first step you should take is to create an account at a reputable online casino. 

After creating your account, the next step you have to take is to make some initial deposits using one of the many available payment options, ranging from e-wallets to credit/debit cards, and bank transfers. Now it is time to choose your favorite casino game.

We have listed the following most popular Live Baccarat games you can play in online casinos Canada, with stake ranges that start at simply $1 per hand and can be enhanced to $5,000:

  • Grand Baccarat Live
  • Prestige Baccarat
  • Baccarat Live
  • Dragon Tiger
  • Speed Baccarat
  • VIP Baccarat

When you are ready to play live baccarat online game in a live casino lobby, you will meet a live dealer Baccarat in a live online casino!

Pros and Cons


  • A Real Live Dealer Baccarat to play with.
  • A Comprehensive, and Immersive Casino Experience.
  • Play along with other Players.
  • A Great fun and Perceptible Experience on both PC and Mobile Devices.
  • Fast Streams and Chat Features.
  • A Variety of Cam Options.
  • Excellent Customer Support.


  • A Bit Slower Than Virtual Games.
  • Time Limits.
  • Hard for Multi-Table games.

How to Choose a Live Baccarat Online Casino?

As a regular online casino buff, you must be aware that each online casino platform offers different promotions to their customers that differ in terms of availability time, needs, and prize funds. Apparently, it appears challenging to choose the most suitable online casino. With this in mind, we have put together a list of online casino brands that are high-ranking ones. You can find this list mentioned above and we feel convinced that it will help you choose the right online casino to play live baccarat online satisfactorily. Scroll up, choose the best online live casino, and enjoy live baccarat, live roulette, video poker, etc.

Variations of Live Baccarat Games

As a result of the massive popularity of the online baccarat game, the game developers resolved to release variations of the original game that are sure fun for every player. Some of the most popular variations of the baccarat are listed below:

Live Baccarat

Live baccarat is very easy to play as it has no hard and fast rules and is a regular game played against a live  baccarat dealer. Its rules are similar to that used in a physical casino.

Lightning Baccarat

A game developed by Evolution Gaming is a perfect combination of live play with electrifying multiplier cards including world-class prizes from RNG. It is a game with a great visual impact set in black and gold art deco surroundings. As a part of this variant, you can make a side bet on the player, on the bank or on a tie. Side bets can also be placed. Side bets vary from the traditional counterpart because in each round between 1 and 5 Lightning cards are haphazardly dealt which increase the value of the side bets up to 512 times.

Baccarat Squeeze

Another baccarat classic from Evolution Gaming is the live baccarat squeeze. In the game of live baccarat squeeze, the cards are dealt upwards for both the player and the live dealer baccarat. In this variant of the game, the thing said is dealt face down and the live dealer baccarat reveals the face down ones one by one turning them over inch by inch and highlighting only small sections. How the live dealer baccarat reveals the playcards are based on the bets that have been placed. 

Speed Baccarat

Speed Baccarat is played at a faster speed. In general, each round of speed baccarat consumes approx. 48 seconds from the moment the cards are dealt to the moment the winner is paid. In the baccarat game that’s played at a faster speed, this time is cut down to 27 seconds. As soon as speed baccarat bets are placed, the cards are dealt and the names of the winners are displayed on a screen.

Baccarat No Commission

Commission-free or no commission baccarat is a version of the game that carries off the annoying commissions that a player usually pays to the dealer baccarat. The rules of no commission baccarat game are very simple to understand, as they tag on the rules of the conventional game. This counterpart offers various side bets such as the Player’s Pair and the Banker’s Pair. Other side bets are Super 6, Perfect Pair, Player Bonus, and Banker Bonus.

Software Providers

To add enchantment to the baccarat experience, the role of the software used matters substantially. Some of the software providers in the industry for live baccarat games include Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Novomatic, etc. All these software providers have won spurs in the world of online casinos for the virtuoso performance of their graphics used.

Depending on the software providers of an online gambling house, live dealer mobile Baccarat for cash can vary in terms of graphics, gaming pace, gaming experience, as well as design. Rest assured that your gambling experience is going to be out of this world.

Evolution offers great choices and excitement for everyone ranging from their multi-camera Live Baccarat shared tables to custom-branded dedicated tables. Baccarat Multiplay allows players to place bets at all their Live Baccarat tables in one go, without joining each table separately. All the Baccarat tables are displayed with video, a small version of the betting grid and the player’s choice of road. Baccarat Multiplay makes it easy to find the table with the longest streak. With a click of a button all the tables can be sorted according to the longest streak for the player’s chosen road.

A multi-camera installation option adds a dynamic, cinematic quality to Baccarat play on licensees’ dedicated tables. Also, for licensees with multiple dedicated tables, the camera set-up can be configured to enable brief cutaway shots of other tables to further enhance the ‘real casino’ ambience. Constantly changing camera views and close-ups of the table and the deal keep it all visually fresh and engaging. 

NetEnt’s Punto Banco™ is a version of Baccarat which is popular in many Latin countries and elsewhere. Punto Banco lets players make three types of bets. The game is played with six standard decks with up to a 9 to 1 payout on tie bets and a maximum bet per hand of €10 000.

Live Baccarat Mobile and Apps

As a result of the advancement of technology, players have the ability to play live baccarat through their Android and iOS mobile devices. They can do it practically on any of the Windows, Android, iOS mobile phones and tablets, not just on a desktop computer as it used to be once.

These days most baccarat titles are compatible with various operating systems on the market. In general, iOS and Android are the most common ones among the options offered by casinos. However, apart from iOS and Android OS, other OS such as Blackberry OS or Windows Phone are also usually considered to a certain extent.

Players can access the game on their mobile device without any inconvenience provided that they download the application. You have to take into account that it is necessary to perform this app download. Using the app option will surely bring an improvement to the graphics, sounds and performance of the game.

Basic Rules

If you have decided to play live baccarat, you must know its basic house rules and side bets:

    • We should start by talking to you about the value of the cards in live baccarat. In this game, the numbered cards, that is, from 2 to 9, have the same value as the number indicated. Therefore, the value of card 5 is 5.
    • As for aces, its value is 1 and as for J, K and 10, they take in as the value of 0.
    • Knowing these values are very important since in the point and bench the maximum play adds a total of 9 points. Thus, the hands can have from 0 points to a maximum of 9.
    • At the beginning of the game, two cards are dealt to the point and another two to the bank. The goal is to score a maximum of 9 points.
    • Then, the player places his/her side bet, knowing that the cards are dealt according to the rules of the game.
    • Regarding the side bets, a player has three options, from which he/she must choose before the cards are dealt. While making bets, he/she will have to determine which hand will be closest to 9 points. In this way, players can side bet on the point, bank or tie.
  • Considering the payout, this is 1 to 1 when players has a side bet on a specific hand. When making bets on a tie, it is 8 to 1.
  • Remember that the side bets made in favor of the bank can have a greater profit and varies from table to table.

Live Dealer Baccarat Odds and Payouts

The odds and payouts of Baccarat vary based on the side bet placed. There are three options:

The Banker and the Player have the minimum house edge, which directs to the fact that you retain the highest odds of earning unswerving wins. The Tie, however, returns sizably poorer odds.

Considering ties, although they do not take place very frequently, this does not mean that they do not take place. These do occur, although their odds are 9.53% and that is why their payout is so high, 8 to 1. Because their odds are so low and the house edge is so high, 14.4%. Here, the general recommendation is not to bet on a tie.

Bonuses and Promotions

It is sad yet it is true that not many baccarat casinos offer special bonuses and promotions for live games these days. In general, these offers constitute a large part of the daily promotion where you can get higher payouts or double comp points at a live table.

An important point of consideration is that if you are new to online casino sites, when you sign up, you will get your welcome bonus, but give attention to the needs to collect the bonus since live games do not contribute much.


How does live dealer baccarat work?

As you open an internet casino website offering baccarat, you can easily view a real baccarat table with a real human dealer by way of a live feed. Unlike betting at real baccarat casinos, you bet here electronically at online baccarat tables. As you do so, the live dealer will take a look at your bets on the table and act in response accordingly.

Where can I find it?

You can find live dealer baccarat in an internet casino site offering such a service. If you turn up a reputable live dealer baccarat casino, do visit their lobby and you will find a variety of baccarat games there for your excitement. Accessing the specific section of the baccarat casino site, you can see all the live dealer games at the table.

How does it compare to standard baccarat?

Live dealer baccarat is almost similar to playing baccarat at a brick and mortar counterpart. In other words, you are at ease to interact with the live dealer and other players at the baccarat tables. If you have any doubts, questions or queries with the dealer, you can get in touch with him/her; tip him/her simply sitting in the comfort zone of your workplace or living place.

Can I use a strategy?

Yes, you can freely use any strategy just like you use at a live dealer casino.

Can I play on a mobile?

Yes, you can play on a mobile gadget freely to enhance your excitement. Most highly regarded web casinos these days are responsive. This means that they offer live dealer games on their mobile apps or mobile-friendly mobile casinos. However, before signing up an online casino offering live baccarat games, it is important to ensure that the internet connection available on your mobile device is dependable, secure, and speedy otherwise your gameplay will conk out if the live streaming video falls behind or ceases in the wake of an intermittent internet connection.

Is it fixed?

No, it is not fixed.The table has an automatic shuffler similar to the ones you would find at a regular live gambling casino. Live dealer baccarat games with a virtual table act in accordance with the same security protocols and procedures, just like the online or live gambling games do.