Best Live Three Card Poker Casinos in Canada 2023


Live 3 Card Poker is indisputably a very thrilling and entertaining gambling game that was developed by Evolution Gaming, where the action is streamed live back to back. Only played with one deck and available for mobile devices as well as live dealer casino, the Live dealer game offers endless betting possibilities and offers jaw-dropping payouts. More and more wannabes want to know how to play online poker, especially live three card poker.


The objective of the three card poker is to win the game and that means beating the dealer by having a hand that only has 3 cards. You can have the hand by placing an Ante bet (which is normal) first and after that, placing a Play bet with the same amount. After you place a Play bet, the dealer will need a queen or a top card.

To qualify for the next bet and if he/she cuts a poor figure in doing so, you get the Play bet and your Ante bet pays the same money. Pair Plus side bets and 6 bonus cards make this game even more fun and engaging.

Reading this article, you can learn how to win this online poker game very easily, its features, benefits, best online casinos for this game, and a lot more! 


For new players especially, it is important to note that the regular RNG and the three card poker live dealer version varies in mutuality. Although in both the versions, there is a ranking system of cards, yet the most evident difference is the ambiance. Winning hands is likewise important irrespective of the combinations and you would scarcely argue with the fact that live casino iGaming is the major leap forward that the industry has made. With this in mind, take a look at a few of the most popular and engaging live dealer three card poker versions that have produced a sensation in players:

  • Live Side Bet City by Evolution Gaming – 96.69% RTP
  • Live three Card Brag by Playtech – 96.63% RTP
  • Live 3 Card Poker by Evolution Gaming – 96.63% RTP
  • Salient Features:
  • Two unique card bonus bets
  • Ante bonus
  • Compatible multiple devices
  • Chat function
  • Customer Support 24/7
  • Configurable bet limits
  • Multi-play functionality

When it comes to playing the game, it requires two hands in a round. To be precise, the first hand is of a player while the second one is of the dealers. Also, one seat is only available on a live dealer table. Almost every player playing the three card poker live dealer bets on the same hand on the table to ensure a substantial return to player percentage. Remember that for diverse versions, side bets opportunities are very likely to vary.

Benefits of Playing Live Three Card Poker

While three card poker is a popular poker variant, it is played in free as well as real money form across the table. Both the table game variants have similar gameplay, yet there are some differences. The main difference is that you learn to play safely with free 3-card poker, while real money live dealer three card poker allows you to win real money.

Understanding the other differences here will help you determine which one is best for you. To get a better understanding, we will compare the advantages of the two table games.

  • Benefits of free three card poker:
  • It lets you know how to play without any monetary loss.
  • You can try bets like Six Cards.
  • This type of 3-card poker allows you to compare the game with other dealer games such as Blackjack.
  • It allows you to test the mobile application and the table lobby for free.
  • You get Ante bonus and other perks when you join a casino.
  • Benefits of live three card poker for real money:
  • You can win real money.
  • It’s exciting because there is more at stake.
  • You can try bets like Pair Plus.
  • You earn a bonus every time you play.
  • Benefit from a low house edge of 2.01-3.37%.

Best Live Three Card Poker Casinos:

Most decidedly, as a hardcore poker buff, you would be very interested in playing 3 card poker without any delay, but before you brace yourself to give the game a shot at an online casino supporting the live dealer table version, it is worth considering paying attention to a few key things about it, for example, terms and conditions, wagering requirements, bonuses, etc.

First, to cut the Gordian’s knot for you, we have handpicked the gambling house operators and they all are licensed and regulated, which directs to the fact that you can count on them without reserve. So whether it comes to depositing your money, submitting your personal information while signing up the live establishment, placing bets, etc., you should feel happy-go-lucky with your registration with them.

Another salient factor about them is that they offer a range of sumptuous welcome bonuses and a lot of engaging poker table versions. Whether you are searching for diverse wagering probabilities such as a 6-bonus card bonus bet or a card poker hand payout straight, there is a certainty that you will find 6-bonus card bonus bet and the poker hand payout straight in our top live dealer poker casino recommendations.

At times, scoring a three of a kind hand, whilst the dealer fails to meet the grade, can deliver as much excitement as winning a small jackpot, specifically if you have been waiting for the winning fusion for quite some time. That said, all the casino sites recommended here have been completely vetted by third-party companies, for example, eCOGRA, iTechLabs, etc. and many more used on them. This serves as a testimony to transparent gambling, so you can feel convinced that your bonus bet or your pair or better winning wager will be acceptable and secure.

Additionally, if you are interested in probing into the card bonus bet, the qualities of 3 card poker or any other specific casino game, after creating a players account, you can choose the option to play its free version. So whether you are interested in placing a pair plus bet or any other betting at any of the 5 top-rated casinos mentioned below, we wish you a very great experience there!

Cookie Casino

Cookie casino

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For those in search of a new yet trustworthy online would like to choose Cookie Casino.  Owned by N1 Interactive, the online gambling house offers a very dynamic gambling environment and is replete with the newest, and most exciting games. Certainly a sensation is taking place about the casino today and therefore there is something for everyone at Cookie Casino. Sign up for Cookie Casino to create a players account now!



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Opened its door in 2016, Playamo Casino is owned and operated by the illustrious gaming company Direx N.V.  Even as a newly launched casino in the online gambling world, from a vast selection of online house gambling games to numerous bonuses and promotions, there is everything for everyone! Sign up for Playamo to create a players account now!

Woo Casino

Woo casino

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Established in 2020, Woo Casino is a very new virtual casino that is striving rapidly to make its grand presence in the rather fierce online gambling market. Even having a short stint in the market, this online gambling house leaves no stone unturned in entrancing the hearts of every player with its wonderful features. Sign up for Woo Casino to create a players account now!

Casino Cruise

Casino cruise

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Made its presence in 2014, Casino Cruise is making a mark in the world of virtual gambling basically with its top-quality casino games, software providers, customer support services and what not. Regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, Cruise Casino also offers jaw-dropping bonuses & promotions including a variety of payment methods and currencies. Sign up for Cruise Casino to create a players account now! 

Spin Casino

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Desperately looking to try your luck at one of the established online casinos with lots of quality gambling games and attractive bonuses & prizes, then look further than Spin Casino once and for all! Whether you want to play casino games on your mobile device or desktop PC in a very dynamic gambling environment like LeoVegas Live Casino, Spin Casino has that all for you! Sign up for Spin Casino to create a players account now.

How to Find Live Three Card Poker Dealer Online?

Only after reviewing several online casinos, we have come up with 5 best online casinos that we think you will have a tremendous fun and thrilling experience playing at. We factor in certain specific characteristics when choosing these websites. Here are the things that make these online casinos look outstanding: 

Bonuses and Promotions

The first and foremost thing these online casinos have in common is that they offer you jaw-dropping bonuses when you sign up, login, and play 3-card poker. These casinos also feature loyalty programs that will offer you special profit for playing.

Safety and Security

An ideal casino is the one that can preserve your funds, and the online casinos recommended meet the criteria. They are legal too, so you need not fret over getting in trouble with the law.

Many Games

These casinos, apart from offering 3 Card Poker, also offer games like Blackjack and Pai Gow Poker, among others.

Works on Different Devices

These Canadian online casinos are compatible with mobile phones, computers, or tablets. You can play your favorite games through an application or your web browser.

Fast Payments and Multiple Banking Options

When playing at real money online casinos, fast payouts, and secure payment method options, for example, credit/debit card, are non-negotiable. The options we have handpicked offer you just this.

Excellent Customer Service

Each of these websites has customer support all set to help you every step of the way. You can resolve the most feasible and convenient ways to contact the customer service via their email address, chat, or phone number.


Play Three Card Poker Live on Mobile

In general, it is substantial enough to enter a live casino page with your computer’s browser in order to play, although you will confront times when they recommend you to download their official and free application on your mobile device.

These games work seamlessly regardless of the size of the screen you have since they have been created using HTML 5 technology, which makes them adapt automatically.

We feel obliged for just everything we informed you. Now you can play 3 card poker online from wherever you are, and no matter what time it is, which means you will have total freedom!

Brief History of Live Dealer 3 Card Poker

3-card poker is a very fast casino game of cards that was born in 1994 by Derek Webb. The brainwave of his creation was to make a combination of the fast online casino table games, such as roulette or slot games, with the excitement of poker. In the preliminary phases, it was only officially accepted by casinos in Louisiana. The game made its debut in Grand Casino Gulfport in the mid-90s. Shuffle Master, which is currently owned by Scientific Games, took on the rights in 1999.

Although still being rejected by the Las Vegas casinos, the 3 cards game is now accepted worldwide. The poker game has been one of the pioneers being offered in the form of live casino gambling games, where the ease of playing is combined online with a real live dealer.

With its appearance in online casinos, this game has become a little popular, although it is far from having the number of fans that it could have compared to other games, for example, Blackjack, or slots.  Anyway, anyone who has 2 minutes to read them can start testing their fortune right away.


While 3 Card Poker is one of the newest poker variants and its popularity is scaling rapidly, the game is typically not powered by any regular live dealer casino software supplier. Cutting to the chase, the two premier software providers companies in the field of real-time streamed live casino games are Evolution Gaming and Playtech. Evolution Gaming currently offers two specific games based on 3 Card Poker while Playtech offers a version, known as 3 Card Brag, which follows the similar rules as the archetypal 3-card poker although its name is taken from a 16th-century popular British card game. The game did serve as a base for recent poker.

Evolution Gaming is undeniably one of the foremost software providers in the world of online gambling. So if an online live casino operator is looking to develop a live three Card Poker, Evolution Gaming is the software provider you would tend to turn to. Rather than adhering to the basics, the software company changed the typical three Card Poker into an effective amalgamation of 3, 5 or 7-card poker radically. This specific version is called Live Side Bet City and it is one of the newest additions to the ever-burgeoning company’s portfolio. 

Three Card Poker Live – Basic Rules

Poker is known for being a type of casino gambling game wherein it is vitally necessary to know not only its rules and instructions, but also its side bet strategies.


Among the most popular and sought-after variants of mobile poker, we find it is none but Three Card Poker. It is considered a game of easy rules and regular hand strategies.

If you are already well familiar with the rules of traditional Poker, Live Three Card Poker becomes a very fun and easy style of play. However, if you are a novice, just know and master the ins and outs of the basic game rules, which is what we will teach you now.

The beginning

The gaming session begins when all players are dealt 3 face down (never face up). And the players compete directly against the dealer, searching for the best player hand of cards. 

Classification of hands

In three Card Poker, the positions are marginally different from those found in Texas Hold’Em and other more accepted styles. The worst hands are these in order:

  • High Card: 3 cards of different numbers and suit patterns.
  • Pair (Pair): 2 identical cards and 1 different.
  • Flush: 3 cards of the same suit.
  • Straight: a simple sequence of three cards (example: A, Q, K).
  • Three of a Kind: 3 identical cards.
  • Straight Flush – A sequence of cards of the same suit.

How to Bet?

Before taking your three community cards, you need to resolve whether you will make an Ante bet, Pair Plus or both.

By choosing the Ante bet, you are betting to ensure the player hand will be better than the dealer’s. By choosing Pair Plus, you are betting that you will receive a pair, or better.

As soon as you turn the cards over, you will have to decide whether to play or check. If you choose to play, you must place a bet equal to  the Ante bet. If your turn passes, you will have to abandon the Ante bet.

The Match

Only after all players open their cards and decide whether to play or check will the dealer open his hand of cards.

To qualify, the dealer must have at least 1 Queen (Q) or more. If it does not qualify, the hand is considered defeated and the house pays 1: 1 to all players at the poker table.

If the dealer qualifies, his hand of cards will be compared to the hands of all players to determine the winner.

The dealer takes the Ante bet and Pair Plus bets from all players who have had lower hands. The better your hand, the more the house will pay for your cards bet.

Now that you know the basic rules of the game. Get into any of the online casinos outlined above and start practicing everything you have learned here. And don’t forget to check the pay table before starting your game!

Tips For Enhancing the Odds of Players’ Win

And here are some valuable tips for enhancing the odds of your win:

There is a well-known 3-card poker strategy that says the following: if your hand is Q, 6, and 4 (or higher), then you should double your bet . The same is true if you have a Q and a 7 hand or if your high card is an Ace or a King.

In case you (as a player) has a lower value hand, then it is better to fold, as the chances of the dealer having a better hand are higher.

Now, there are some versions that allow a player to see the dealer’s first card. If that is the case, then there are some extra tips that could help a player get a win.

 If the dealer has:

  • J or less: always double the bet.
  • Q: only play with Q, 9 and 2, or better.
  • K: only play with K, 9 and 2, or better.
  • AS: only play with AS, 9 and 2, or better.

Beyond this, remember that the pay will always depend on your luck; you could win five games in a row, only to lose the next three. This is why the chief editor of an establishment always asks all players to play responsibly.


Which is the best live 3 card poker site?

Scouting online for the best live three card poker website will list a deluge of results. Those numerous online gambling house operators would certainly be offering three-card poker live yet to cut the Gordian’s knot for you, as you can see, we have mentioned 5 best card poker casino sites in our detailed guide to how this 3 card poker is played and more. So, without reserve, it is worth signing up on any of the websites we have outlined for you above to play the three card poker. 

Which is the best live three card poker hand?

Getting to learn and master the rules of three card live poker is vitally necessary to get the win. You can become rather familiar with the gaming rules by first knowing the ins and outs of hands as well as their payouts. As you would expect, having a mini Royal Flush would be most advantageous, especially if you have a Payout 6 Card Bonus. The winning odds are 1000:1, so you can dare say how much money you can actually win if you achieve this winning hand combination.

What are the odds in live 3 card poker?

Live 3 card poker online is a game against the house. The winning odds are, by all odds,  of the house edge. The odds are very slim for a tie (0.06%) to take place. The odds for a player to win are 44.91% and for the dealer to win, they are 55.03%.

How do I play 3 card poker with live casino dealers?

Before you start playing 3 card poker, the first step you must take essentially is to handpick the casino site with the best live dealer games. Once you have taken the step, make a deposit and enter the preferred version of the game. Playing with live dealers is a breeze provided that players are familiar or become familiar with the rules of games with dealers, winning hand, etc.

Can I play mobile live 3 card poker?

Yes, you can play live 3 card poker on your mobile device with professional live dealers. All you need to do is turn up a secure app through your app store. However, it is good to ensure that there is a presence of Google play logo/apple logo in it before you start the download. Alternatively, you, as a player, can choose the casino sites recommended above to play 3 card poker live dealer games.

What’s the difference between RNG and live 3 card poker games?

The key difference between RNG and live three card poker online games is the level of fun and excitement that the latter one offers. 3 card poker games give you the fee as if you are in a 5-star real casino with pro dealers and real card gameplay. With this in mind, it is easy to evince why the premier live dealer casino sites are so preferred by conventional casino players.