TigerGaming announces the schedule for Mystery Poker Series

Come March 27, 2023, participants can begin enrolling in the Mystery Poker Series. It will be a week-long event ending on April 2, 2023, on a higher note with the Mystery Series $250k GTD. It sports a buy-in of $109, the highest buy throughout the series, for the prize of $250,000.

A total of $638,000 has been guaranteed throughout the series. However, it has been spread across 26 events with varying buy-ins and guarantees. The minimum buy-in is $11 to roll out a reward worth $5,000. It will be an opening event, titled Mystery Series $5,000 GTD.

Two events that are catching the most attention are the Mini Main Event and the Main Event. These are scheduled to be played on the concluding day of the Poker Series. The difference between the two lies in their buy-in and the size of the guaranteed reward.

The buy-in for the Mini Main Event is $22, which is lower in price than the buy-in for the Main Event, which is $109. The prize is noteworthy because it makes the buy-ins worthwhile. The prize pool for the Mini Main Event is $50,000, compared to $250,000 for the Main Event.

Players can participate in the daily event for a $55 buy-in and a prize worth $30,000.

Mystery poker rewards will be given to players as long as they meet the requirements.

  • They must bubble the tournament.
  • They must have missed out on the paid places in the event that was scheduled on a previous day.
  • The players’ names must appear on the Mystery KO Leaderboard.
  • Reach the top 20% to 30% but don’t cash in.

The final eligibility criteria also make them eligible to be invited to Deep Run Freerolls. Plus, a Mystery Random Gift awaits those who meet the above criteria.

Here’s how players can unlock the Mystery Random Gift:

  • Open TigerGaming
  • Navigate to the Gift Box
  • Open to discover the prize

As per online poker news, residents of select countries cannot participate in TigerGaming’s Mystery Poker Series. This includes countries like Afghanistan, the United States of America, France, Malta, and the Republic of Korea, among others. The Mystery Poker Series country list is subject to change, with the most recent list available on the official website and the terms and conditions.

Not every event with a buy-in of $109 plans to give away a reward as high as $250,000. For instance, the Mystery Series $10,000 GTD on March 31, 2023, gives away the guarantee of $10k, and so does the same title on the next day. The Mystery Series ($30,000 GTD) rather gives a higher reward with a lower buy-in of $55.

The week-long Poker Series is backed by the features of TigerGaming, like a large welcome bonus, tournament leaderboards, and sit & go, to mention a few. A current promo offers a 100% bonus with a maximum limit of $1,000, with the bonus offer being time-sensitive and subject to change.

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