OLGC and Toronto Raptors team up to support basketball groups

The Ontario Lottery Gaming Corporation and the Toronto Raptors have partnered on the home court advantage initiative. The objective is to provide comprehensive support for four community basketball organizations that improve the lives of individuals through the medium of basketball.

An all-inclusive exposure will benefit all four concerned associations seeking support. OLG, in collaboration with the Toronto Raptors, will allow communities to share inspiring stories and build knowledge about their impact on them through the home court advantage project.

According to Canadian sportsbook news, the Toronto Raptors App has a free game called Home Court Advantage that fans may play to show their support for their favorite team. Each time a fan watches or plays the game between January 2024 and March 2024, the basketball team and Crown Corporation will make a donation to one of the four participating organizations.

The Vipers Wheelchair Basketball team from Burlington will be competing from January 8 through the 23. Financial support will be provided to Sudbury’s Indigenous Sport & Wellness Ontario from January 24 to February 9. While the Abilities Centre in Whitby will be the focus from February 22 to March 10, players will be busy with Mega City Basketball in Mississauga from March 11 to March 27.

As stated by Maxine Chapman, Vice President, Brand and Marketing Officer of OLG, this endeavor represents a virtuous method of contributing positively to society. An equal portion of each cent of the profits generated is allocated to the regional organizations, and players are incentivized to do the same.

According to Jordan Vader, Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships at MLSE, the game is continuously enhanced in order to generate additional opportunities for it to benefit the communities it targets.

The two businesses have collaborated on additional endeavors, including Borough Ballers. It drew inspiration from the City Edition jersey of the Toronto Raptors, which honored the six boroughs of the city. The proceeds from the sale of this exercise, CA$91,132, were donated to community basketball associations.

Recently, the Crown Corporation and the National Basketball Association established a collaborative partnership. Midway through 2022, OLG introduced its PROLINE brand, which became an NBA-affiliated sports betting affiliate. It benefited from obtaining its logos and marks. By doing so, sports enthusiasts were granted the opportunity to place bets on the NBA Draft.

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