NorthStar Gaming to continue its collaboration with Playtech

NorthStar Gaming is expanding its collaboration with Playtech. According to an understanding between the two entities, a newly developed marketing game plan will be introduced.

It was in June 2023 when NorthStar Gaming and Playtech had forged a calculated collaboration, the intention being to make improvisations on the former’s player onboarding plan in Ontario. Towards this, Playtech contributed $4 million and aims to make provisions for the same sort of marketing blitz in Ontario. 

In return, NorthStar will be responsible for recompensing Playtech by sharing the income generated through marketing efforts. 

Further, Playtech has contributed an additional 3 million in short-period loans, which NorthStar will utilize to advance the business overall. 

According to Michael Moskowitz, the Chair and CEO of NorthStar Gaming, the effort and finances received from Playtech in taking their business to the next level are highly appreciable. They will ensure that the entire game plan is executed effectively. Together, they will be a force to reckon with in the markets of Ontario. 

Playtech, which runs its software offering business from the UK, focused on NorthStar’s H1 23 revenue growth following the finalization in 2023 of a $12.3 million funding amount. This was meant to take forward the collaboration. 

During that period, and in the words of the CEO of Playtech, Mor Weizer, they were extremely anxious to see how successful their collaboration with NorthStar would be. The company is known to have struck various other lucrative deals with other companies, a case in point being FanDuel. 

NorthStar, known for running casinos, sportsbooks, and the media platform NorthStar Bets in Ontario, considers Playtech the ideal associate. 

Overall, NorthStar has signed exclusive contracts with multiple business houses, such as BettorView, a business connected with the hospitality sector that promotes sports wagering advertisements on its premises. 

Recently, it struck a deal with Tallysight to offer wagering content like widgets and graphics targeting NorthStar’s editorial sports and wagering content with regards to March Madness. 

NorthStar’s regular shares have been trading on the TSX Venture Exchange since March 2023. In the first quarter of the year, the company received consent to continue trading in the US on the OTCQB Venture Market.

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