Lion Gaming incorporates esports solutions

Lion Gaming has gone in for incorporating esports solutions into sportsbook, and with the help of Through this, its sportsbook platform has received an enormous amount of thrust. Now, the entity will be able to offer operators an entire array of live sports happenings, along with ample scope for laying bets, as an answer to the increasing interest in this very arena. Incidentally, Lion Gaming is based out of Calgary, Canada., as of date, is known to have the maximum number of live esports markets compared to any other company. With the help of this newly forged association, the connected gamers will be in the position of getting effectively connected with the completely all-inclusive choice of esports markets found in just about any place on the globe. 

According to the Managing Director and Co-Founder of, Marek Suchar, they are extremely pleased to get the opportunity of being able to share their esports odd feeds, as well as risk management issues and widgets. In his opinion, this will help Lion Gaming to address the increasing requirement for activities related to esports betting in terms of online casinos in Canada. Where the collaboration is concerned, in his opinion, it will help them to further their reach in the Canadian market. Of late, they have been successful in setting up their latest trading arena in Peru, along with receiving a betting supplier license in Ontario. 

As for the Head of Sportsbook at Lion Gaming, Jason Poprawa, he firmly is of the opinion that the need of the hour for them was the effective collaboration with, in order to be able to take their sportsbook platform to the very next level. With the incorporation of the entity’s esports solutions, they are now in the position of offering their associate operators, as well as their connected gamers, the opportunity to gain exposure to incomparable gaming options, enriching the overall gaming environment. 

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