iGaming Ontario accepting bid for central self-exclusion to boost responsible gaming

iGaming Ontario is exploring various avenues regarding suggestions for introducing a centralized self-exclusion service for gaming.

iGO will be taking in quotations till 24th April with regards to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) project that looks to ease the way for sports wagerers to desist from visiting certified websites. The selected one will siGn a contract for five years.

As per the agency associated with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), the Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG), and the Government of Ontario, associating with iGO for the project will be a new experience for futuristic companies to activate their brain cells for introducing innovative ways of benefiting the iGaming space in Ontario.

The online gaming sector in Ontario has been active for two years and presently comes with roughly 50 operators and 70 separate websites related to online casino gambling, sports wagering, and poker. As per the quarter ending 31st December, iGO witnessed a betting amount of $17.2 billion, with 1.2 million players taking part.

Despite everything, Ontario remains without a centralized self-exclusion mechanism for players with irresponsible gaming habits.

The idea is to set up a mechanism that helps fortify the trust and dependability issues pertaining to the stakeholders related to the iGaming sector.

According to the gaming news, the intended strategy is to allow players to refrain from visiting all certified iGaming sites of their own free will, the requirement being a sole listing procedure.

Through its RPF release, it is understood that the agency is looking for answers to three prime issues. The first is the easy incorporation of every iGaming operator’s mechanism in Ontario and OLG’s iGaming site. The second factor is providing for all youngsters above nineteen to connect with and manage their self-exclusion profiles. The third is the implementation of KYC identity authentication and listing, renewal, and reinstatement procedures that are simplified and provide accompanying information.

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