FairPlay Sports Media snaps up Quarter4

A significant milestone in the sports media field, yet another by FairPlay Sports Media (FPSM). It has recently purchased Quarter4 (Q4), a firm based in Toronto, which is well-known for its groundbreaking deep-learning neural network that helps predict results more accurately. The acquisition, which follows the Oddschecker Global Media rebrand to FPSM a few months ago, exemplifies their strategic ambitions for growth and ability improvement.

The Quarter4 exploit is a recent security problem that has been discovered. This incident has raised numerous concerns. Quarter4, launched in 2019 by Danijela Covic and Kelly Brooks, is already connected to very complex prediction algorithms that provide you with a plethora of exclusive information on a variety of betting markets. In particular, FairPlay’s brands like Oddschecker and WhoScored.com have utilized these algorithms to assess U.S. sports events like the NHL, NFL, NBA, WNBA, etc., where commercial availability of countries is high at only 7% globally and 40% in Europe alone, meaning many European broadcasters are The incorporation of Quarter4’s cutting-edge technology is expected to improve the overall user experience by providing more accurate analytics and sportsbook discovery for dedicated bettors.

Kelly Brooks, co-founder and delighted CEO of Quarter4, expressed the elation that had engulfed her since the acquisition was announced. Based on Canadian sports betting news, Brooks has declared their official delight at the commencement of a highly collaborative effort that will profoundly impact the trajectory of innovative user services.

According to FairPlay Sports Media, Stuart Simms (Group CEO) should complete this acquisition immediately. As market leaders, Simms feels our group’s integration of Quarter 4 is a key value proposition for all our brands. For Quarter 4, the acquisition will give them a market-leading platform with unique insights and powerful behavioral analytics.

Since rebranding as FPSM after losing Oddschecker Global Media, the company has moved from odds comparison services to a sports and media platform. Aside from the brand name, which has a long history of comparing chances, FairPlay Sports Media will provide various sports media services to other companies. However, under the new corporate identity, it is referred to and classified as FairPlay Sports Media. FPSM also purchased Quarter4, which will help it diversify its content and become an international brand.

Simms highlighted that the strategic magnitude of the acquisition is an important factor in FPSM’s expansion goals, and more was on the way. The company has made many significant acquisitions (with more on the way) to position itself for improved connection with sports bettors and data rather than the independent content they desire. He also voiced his excitement as he learned how this realignment and BetTech focus will benefit all individuals who support the FairPlay Sports Media Network, primarily in the United States and abroad.

The FPSM’s acquisition strategy demonstrates that sports media and betting technology are quickly developing. As FairPlay Sports Media embarks on this new journey with expanded capacities, a broader discipline, and new hopes, the sports media-betting business will surely embrace remarkable technological advances for supplying and utilizing sports betting data.

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