Canada bags Rivalry Series against the US for 2nd straight year

The US has now lost to Canada in the Rivalry Series for the second straight time. It was similar to how things rolled out when both sides met in the series last time. The US won the first 3 hockey games, and then Canada equalized the tally, followed by winning the decisive game. This time, Maltais and Spooner played an imperative role in the win by scoring two goals each. The final tally on the scoreboard was 6-1, with the remaining goals coming from Ashton Bell and Marie-Philip Poulin.

The win is also credited to Sarah Nurse for three assists. Maltais have appreciated players and the team, saying that their win speaks volumes about how much they stick to the game. Spooner added by saying that hockey games between the two teams are always exciting. She even called Game 7 their gold medal game, or their Super Bowl.

Treating every game as do-or-die did wonders for them.

From the online Canadian gaming news, the Rivalry Series started in November, and both sides hosted the games. The first two games were in November, hosted by Tempe and Los Angeles. The hosts managed to win when regional fans surrounded them. The series then moved to Ontario in December, where Canada took the fourth game to the decisive round of the shootout.

Only Grace Zumwinkle brought a net for her team. Nicole Hensley found a way to avoid the threat that Canada was posing. Stopping 10 of 13 shots helped the momentum stick to them for a while, even at a time when the deficit continued to expand. She was then substituted by Abbey Levy, who saved six shots.

Kendall Coyne, a US veteran, said that there was not a single second when momentum felt to be on their side, adding that momentum is something they have to earn with better execution.

The US could have done better had Taylor Heise not sustained an upper-body injury. Reports have characterized that as a big loss, adding that she failed to return despite successfully skating off the ice.

Moving forward, both sides are headed to the IIHF Women’s World Championship. The hockey tournament is scheduled to begin on April 03, 2024, and conclude on April 14, 2024, in Utica, New York. The US are defending the title in this edition. Countries participating in the tournament are Canada, the US, Finland, Switzerland, and Czechia in Table A. The second table (B) houses Japan, Sweden, China, Denmark, and Germany.

Canada and the US will lock horns in the tournament on April 8, 2024, at Adirondack Bank Center.

Hockey games between Canada and the US will continue, with the US next looking to redeem the recent loss in the IIHF Women’s World Championship. That could be difficult since Canada is all charged up after demolishing them in the series.

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