Bruno approached WCLC to cash winning ticket 1 year later

After a year, Bruno made contact with the Western Canada Lottery Corporation and handed over his winning ticket pertaining to Lotto 6/49. Giuseppe Bruno had bought himself the ticket with regards to the March 11, 2023, draw. He only came to realize the full impact of what the ticket entailed on November 9, 2023. To his surprise, the winnings amounted to $1.6 million. 

From September 2022, Lotto 6/49 introduced a fresh format and has been ever since providing a Classic and a Gold Ball draw. The classic draw takes place on all Wednesdays and Saturdays and comes with six winning numbers between 1 and 49. This offers a CA$5 million jackpot. However, where Bruno is concerned, his ticket, along with two more, had the winning numbers, with the prize money being distributed amongst the three lucky winners.

After extensive rechecking of his previous ticket purchases, he found the winning ticket and shared it with his wife. After some deliberation, they approached WCLC and were allowed to cash the winning ticket.

According to Lotto 6/49 protocols, the winner is entitled to a 52-week waiting period following the official date of the draw. Bruno would have had to return empty-handed if another two months had gone. He rechecked the number on his ticket using the Lotto Spot Application and discovered he was the winner. 

The entire family is currently unsure about how the money will be used in the future, but for the time being, they will divide a specific amount amongst themselves. The leftover funds will be used to pay bills and bank the remainder.

Based on Canadian casino news, his winning ticket, which was valued at CA$8, contained all six winning numbers for the draw on March 11, 2023: 06, 13, 2, 29, 33, and 49. Mother Hubbard’s Foodstuffs, located at 7923 106 Avenue NW in Edmonton, was the vendor from which the ticket was purchased. Ontario possessed the two remaining winning tickets.

It was in December 2023, when Canada came across a significant winning with regards to the latest Lotto 6/49, wherein a person from Ontario walked off with CA$68 million in the form of a jackpot pertaining to the 27th September Gold Ball draw. Noel Patricio of Toronto received the prize money from OLG. His plans are a holiday trip to Italy with his family. 

Furthermore, a significant Lotto 6/49 victory was recorded in the western region through the Play Now service of the British Columbia Lottery Corporation. In the contest scheduled for December 9th, a single victor will have the opportunity to claim a windfall worth CA$50 million. The number 25957733-01 appears on the winning ticket.

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