Alberta passes Bill 16, allowing further growth in gambling

Alberta Bill 16, which comes with a relaxation on the stringent laws about gambling and gaming activities and providing the option for further growth of the sector.

From here on, Alberta Gaming Liquor and Cannabis will no longer be the sole body running their gaming business. 

The Alberta legislature was responsible for passing the bill that gave the provincial government and AGLC the power to carry out and control all activities related to gaming. 

Bill 16, also known as the Red Tape Reduction Statutes Amendment Act, involves changes to the provincial Gaming, Liquor, and Cannabis Act, which was duly passed via a round of voting. Following this, the Alberta legislature granted the ultimate consent. 

Service Alberta, along with the press secretary, Nicky Gocuan, of minister Dale Nally, informed Canadian Gaming Business that the bill had become effective via Royal Assent. 

Through the completion of all the necessary formalities, the doors have been opened for the government to allow certified intermediary operators to carry out their business related to gaming in Alberta. Added to that comes the AGLC’s PlayAlberta online casino and sportsbook. 

Nally has been given the responsibility of scouring fresh lucrative sources with regards to online gaming and sports wagering within the province. Bill 16 will be doing the rest. 

According to Gocuan, there will be rounds of consultations with the 47 First Nations, six First Nation casino operators, and Racetrack operators, whose feedback will be valuable.

Alberta has kept aside the amount of $1 million towards the restructuring of the Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act for furthering the online gaming space. 

Plans are afoot to set up an agency to control iGaming, following in the footsteps of iGaming Ontario. This has been slated for next year.

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