Washington Capitals take a 5-2 win lead versus Calgary Flames

The Washington Capitals gained momentum in the first segment of the game and denied leaving it for the following two segments. The Calgary Flames were restricted to a goalless conclusion in the beginning. They attempted to make a comeback but were eventually drawn to the losing end, probably when the Capitals delivered a 3-1 deficit in the middle of the hockey game of the NHL tournament.

According to the Canadian sports betting news, the win has been largely credited to Alex Ovechkin, who brought a double in the second period. Alex is now the third player in the history of the NHL to have bagged 20 goals in 19 consecutive seasons.

That said, Washington has an overall tally of 33-25-9, while Calgary has an overall tally of 33-30-5.

Scotiabank Saddledome saw Alex lead the charge for the Capitals. They also appreciated when Dylan, Tom Wilson, and Hendrix brought a single net to the board. Charlie Lindgren bagged an SV% of 0.944. Calgary relied most on Kevin and Weegar to respond to the rising deficiency. They could barely keep up with the pace as each brought one goal in different segments. Dustin Wolf registered an SV% of 0.875.

Spencer Carbery, the coach of Washington, said that it was because of their consistency that they put up a fight, not just in terms of scoring goals but also with their line-up and durability as a team. He also acknowledged that the two goals were indeed needed to be able to play from the front.

Wolf interacted with the media and said Alex had a couple of good chances, but it’s cool to say he stopped a few of them. Hendrix Lapierre said that they were all cheering for him since the goals he scored were the big ones, adding that they are just trying to help him chase the number of goals, wherein he is up at 843 in his career.

Washington will next lock horns in the game of hockey with the Maple Leafs, the Hurricanes, and the Jets. Calgary is gearing up to meet the Canucks, the Sabres, and the Blackhawks.

Flames versus Capitals is not the only game that ended with a broader margin. The Sabres defeated the Kraken by 6-2 despite facing a strong fight in the opening segment. The tally was 3-2 in their favor, and it was only in the second segment that they restricted the opponent to zero against their doubles. Finally, the concluding lap saw them bring a single goal and again restrict the other side for nothing.

Upcoming NHL hockey games to look forward to are between the Flyers and the Maple Leafs, the Bruins and the Senators, and the Red Wings and the Blue Jackets.

Meanwhile, the world of the NHL has been shaken up by the demise of former NHL player Konstantin Koltsov at the age of 42.

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