Types of Crypto Dice Games


Are you a fan of dice games? If yes, then sign up with a cryptocurrency casino today to play dice with cryptos. Crypto Dice is one of the most popular crypto casino games of today. Players simply love to indulge in its simplistic charm. Crypto casinos host various types of crypto dice games like Craps, Sic Bo, and more. Read on to know more about the game of Crypto Dice and devise strategies to win the bets and keep gambling at your favorite game. 

About Crypto Dice

Crypto dice is the crypto version of the ancient dice game of China. The gameplay of Crypto Dice is similar to that of the traditional dice game. The player rolls a pair of dice and then makes a prediction whether the outcome of the dice roll will be higher or lower than the preset number. He places bets on the best crypto dice sites as per the prediction and then wins the bet if the prediction comes true. 

Types of Crypto Dice games


Hi-Lo or High/Low is the standard form of Crypto Dice game. In this game, the player places bets on whether the outcome of rolling a pair of dice will be lower than or exceed the predetermined number. Hi-Lo is pretty popular among beginners at crypto gambling. 


Craps is the most exciting of all Crypto Dice games. One can place multiple bets at the Craps game and incur several wins at the same time. In the game of Craps, the player rolls a pair of dice to obtain a number and then rolls the dice again to obtain the same number as the outcome before rolling the dice to obtain seven as outcome. The game has a low house edge which makes it popular among beginners. 

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is the game of chance. The players place the chips in the beatbox at the gaming table and then roll the dice to play the game. If the outcome of the dice roll meets the bet condition, then the player wins the game. Sic Bo features various bets and payout odds. 

Winning strategies to win at Crypto Dice games

Even though the game of Crypto Dice is simple, yet, it is of the utmost importance to master the strategies described below in order to win the game:

  1. Martingale strategy

In this strategy of playing Crypto Dice, the player has to double up on the losing bets and then reduce the winning bets by half. Whenever a loss is incurred, the gambler doubles the bet amount in the subsequent bet and then acquires a hefty sum when he finally wins the Crypto Dice game. 

  1. Inverse Martingale strategy

The Inverse Martingale Strategy is the opposite of Martingale Strategy. In this strategy, the player increases the bet amount with every win and loses the staked amount when the bet incurs a loss. 

  1. Paroli Strategy

The Paroli Strategy is all about raking in more wins from the winning streak. The player doubles the bet at every win and then stops increasing the bet amount after three consecutive wins. 

  1. D’Alembert Strategy

In the D’Alembert Strategy, the player increases the bet amount by 1x instead of doubling the bet amount with every win. 

  1. Break-Even Martingale Strategy

The Break-Even Martingale strategy is especially recommended to rake in proper increments in the bet amount during the gambling session. In this strategy, the player loses the bet and then places the same bet based on the same predetermined number in every round until he wins the game. 

Benefits of Crypto Dice

Playing crypto dice is more secure than playing dice at traditional casinos. Cryptocurrency is decentralized which means that the transactions take place directly between the player’s wallet and the platform account. As a result, the transactions take place securely in an instant at nominal fees. Moreover, every transaction gets recorded in the Blockchain ledger thereby ensuring high financial security. The advanced Blockchain technology of cryptocurrency ensures 100% provable fairness of the Crypto Dice game at online casinos

Future scope of Crypto Dice

Crypto Dice will gain popularity in the years to come. In the game of Crypto Dice, the players roll the dice on the board, and then bet on the outcome with Bitcoin or altcoins to win prizes. Crypto casinos offer rich Bitcoin bonuses that will certainly amplify the popularity of Crypto Dice in the near future. 


Do you enjoy rolling the dice and placing bets on the outcomes? If yes, then Crypto Dice is made for you. Crypto Dice games is one of the most popular classic casino games. You will find different types of crypto dice games at online casinos like Craps, Sic Bo, and Hi-Lo. If you are keen on playing Crypto Dice then sign up with a cryptocurrency casino today.

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