Twain Sport sketches big milestones post its entrance to Ontario via AGCO

Twain Sport has happened to have laid out its plans for making its entry into the North American market. This was made possible by it receiving a license to enter Ontario from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). The entity, which happens to be a Lithuania-based live sports vertical, which comes under the Hybrid Sports League and BetGames. It started off its operations with the deliverance of T-Basket, which happens to be a basketball-oriented game. After this came the launching of T-Kick, which happens to be soccer-based and boasting of 6,300 matches every month. 

With a license now under its belt, the team at Twain sports is all geared up in the deliverance of a brilliantly formatted live sport for the sake of operator clients based in Canada. According to the latest gaming news, the Vice President of Europe, Asia, and the Americas of BetGames, John-Paul Rowland, they happen to be extremely pleased to have received this supplier license pertaining to the market of Ontario, which, in his opinion, will be instrumental in the opening of further doors in North America. 

With the rapid growth in the online sports arena, it will turn out to be very beneficial and lucrative for them. In his further viewpoint, he firmly happens to be believing in the fact that this will turn out to be the opportunity that he and all of his team members were looking for, in terms of being able to further spread their footprint.

As a matter of fact, this will not only remain in North America but will also take their company into areas that were not possible to explore before this very opportunity came their way. Now, it all depends on the kind of market they are able to build in Ontario and then move forward. 

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