The Mystery Bounty Festival begins with a bang at 888poker

The grand Mystery Bounty Festival got off to a flying start at 888poker with a $55 buy-in opening event. Along with that, there was the $120,000 guaranteed Mystery Bounty Opening. 888poker is a one-of-a-kind online poker site that manages to operate mystery bounty tournaments daily. The Mystery Bounty Festival is also an absolutely unique game.

All 932 players were eligible to join this $50,000 Mystery Bounty Opening.  This number consisted of new players, who made up 731 of the total while returning players made up 201 of the whole. Beginning with the 18th level, there were Mystery Bounties with values ranging from $40 to $5,000. This was placed at the head of each and every player who boarded in golden envelopes.

When Kojgysto888 of Denmark successfully ousted a competitor player, the jackpot was nudged, resulting in easy pickings of a neat $5,000 bounty. This brought him up to the 71st position with a winning amount of $70, which was duly taken from the main prize pool. In all, this happened to be the second biggest prize related to the event. In this regard, it also happened to have been corner130 of Chile left the game having reached the 64th position and with a winning amount of $70. They also took a total of $1,696 in bounties with them.

Out of the nine 888poker players, there were six of them who saw themselves arriving at the final table and picking up four-digit winnings despite having made payments worth only a meager $55 so as to make an entry into the tournament. EduAraujo, with $532, and 8vincent8, with $606, were the first two to leave the table. DonSicario, who started in sixth place, finished with $931.

As per the latest poker news, Fackedelic happened to have pushed himself right up to the third position but was compelled to make his exit with $2,237. Finally, it was Ssv117 up against Savchecnko1, who fought against each other.  

Ultimately, it turned out to be Savchecnko1 winning the top slot with $5,503, closely followed by Ssv117 in the second spot with $3778. This leaves both of them in a very comfortable position regarding the rest of the tournament. The future of the tournament will see, out of a total of 1,032 players, only nine remain in the $109 buy-in MB Festival with a $120,000 Mystery Bounty Opening Event, with the favorite being Leofoliveira.

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