The iGaming Habits of Quebecers: A New Survey

The Quebec Online Gaming Coalition carried out an extensive study on Quebecers’ overall online wagering habits. The study found that over 73% of active online gamers prefer private iGaming platforms for playing online casino games and sports betting. The survey is being conducted in response to demands for the local government to establish a private online casino industry.

QOGC was formed in early 2023 and includes Betway, as well as DraftKings, Bet99, Flutter, RushStreet, Entertain, and Apricot. The purpose is to establish a proper regulatory and taxation structure, resulting in an independent regulatory council to maintain a careful eye on gaming in Quebec. Only Loto-Quebec is now a licensed online gaming provider in the province.

The detailed study was carried out by Mainstreet Research, which reached out to 1010 Quebecers for feedback. The conclusion was that most of the respondents showed an inclination towards iGaming. Added to that was the observation that 72% of them connected with Loto-Quebec’s Espace Jeux certified platform and indulged in the purchase of lottery tickets. In the case of iGaming and sports wagering, the figure stood at 26.6% of gamers.

Nathalie Bergeron, the spokesperson of the Coalition, expressed her lack of total conviction regarding the conducted study. In her opinion, the stress should be applied to the Quebecers’ online gaming pattern and accordingly form a regulatory mechanism in tandem with it.

As per the study, 67% of local gamers favor the introduction of certified and private online gaming space with the establishment of appropriate regulatory and taxation systems. These findings align with a similar study conducted by QOGC in May 2023.

Over and above that, 56% of the province’s gamers felt that the need of the hour was for establishing an independent regulatory body to oversee the gambling scenario in Quebec, such as the Crown Corporation. A better space will be provided for responsible gaming.

Based on online Canadian gaming news, after rejecting Loto-Québec’s intentions to build a mini-casino near to the Bell Centre, the Montreal Public Health is now in favor of creating an independent regulatory authority.

MPH came out with a 40-page report regarding the drawbacks. The Crown Corporation was compelled to strike down the gaming center proposal. The Sud-Ouest borough of Montreal and the Peter-McGill district of the Ville-Marie borough have stated their strong opposition to a gambling business near the home of the Montreal Canadiens because it will exploit at-risk neighborhoods.

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