The Blues Fall as Cleary Takes Hit and Commits to Bounce Back

The Blues and the Maroons battled it out in Game 1 with a surprise result of 16-10 resulting in the fall of the Blues. Nathan Cleary, the halfback of New South Wales, took the loss on him with a down face as he indicated that he would bounce back in the next game. They are priced at 12/5 to win the game.

Sydney hosted Game 1 and witnessed what could only be a surprise after Cleary came forward to take the fall. It was a team spirit, but the Blues halfback believes that he could have lifted the spirit of the game with his efforts.

A single does have the power to do that by at least attempting to take the match much closer than the desired result. The Blues went blue, dominated by the Maroons duo: Cameron Munster and Daly Cherry-Evans.

Jarome Luai later joined Nathan Cleary. Both were best against Penrith, but Wednesday night did not work out for them. All eyes are on Game 2, where Nathan is expected to stand to his words in regaining the edge against the Maroons.

Cleary talked to the press, saying that he was at his best and was why the side fell short. He added that he did not play well enough, adding to the team’s loss as a leader and a halfback.

Optimism is well-within, as Nathan highlighted, stating that he can lift others around him on the field by being at his best. The outcome cannot be changed; however, he has decided to take full charge of the next Origin and the next club game.

With the spirit of moving on completely intact, Cleary announced taking the loss in Game 1 as a kick-up for the next game. There is no further low side to fall on to, and game 2 would only be better with the start of a new winning streak.

The Maroons are surely not going to hand over the win easily. Their dominance established by Cameron Munster and Daly Cherry-Evans is here to stay unless a tactic is drafted during the training session. Game 1 has become a reality check for the Blues, who look fueled up for the next game.

A game is never worked out in mind, and it can only be taken with moments that come along on the field. The spirits shattered in Game 1 have knocked up the winning ghost looking to avenge the defeat.

Nathan Cleary and Jarome Luai look to replicate their best performance as the other side continues dominating from the game’s early seconds. Overall, Game 2 would be everything that a dramatic sports fan wants. Get snacks on the lap with a few blinks on their way as both the sides gear up for the next in Perth.

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