‘The Bitcoin Hunt’ Game Launched by Southampton FC and Sportsbet

Southampton FC is all set to host a treasure hunt-like event for local fans in celebration of its long-standing partnership with Sportsbet.io.

The event will contain a total of three rounds. Participants stand a chance to win one Bitcoin as a prize reward. This comes to the value of $39,046 at the time of drafting this article.

Let The Game Begin!

Participants who enter the competition will have to go through a total of three rounds of the event. The lucky participant will be rewarded with one Bitcoin, which comes to a good value when converted into the US Dollar.

Crypto payouts on online betting platforms have become a rising trend. Some of the best Crypto sports betting sites enable players to earn their rewards in Bitcoin. The portion varies, but it does a good job of keeping its user base engaged on the platform.

The game is called The Bitcoin Hunt. It fits well with the concept wherein participants have to hunt for the elements in all three different rounds of the game. As per the overview, it consists of activities like hunting for a QR code, solving puzzles, and answering some questions about the history of Southampton FC.

Participants can enter the game only if they are locals aged 25 years or above.

The first round that requires participants to hunt for QR codes has already begun. It has been scheduled before the game between Southampton and Norwich.

QR codes are hidden across Southampton, and the fans have to look for them. Once done, they can progress to the second round that is scheduled to start from March 14.

Winners of the second round will qualify for the finals. They must solve blockchain-style puzzles about the historical Southampton kits. A total of 35,000 points must be accumulated by the players to proceed to the third round of The Bitcoin Hunt.

Blockchain puzzles, in brief, refer to verifying blocks of transactions by solving complex cryptographic hash puzzles. They require powerful computing ability and high-tech pieces of equipment.

The final, or the third round, of The Bitcoin Hunt, is scheduled to start from April 04, 2022. Players must look for Southampton FC’s social media account for a hidden Bitcoin, following which they have to answer questions about the history of the football club.

Upon conclusion, three players from each round and one player at random will be selected to be considered for the prize. Only 1 in 10 players stand a chance to win the reward of 1 while Bitcoin.

Apart from celebrating the partnership of Southampton FC and Sportsbet, the event aims to educate people about Cryptocurrency.

Charles Read, the Head of Partnership Marketing at Southampton FC, wished all the players the best of luck. He further stated that organizing The Bitcoin Hunt demonstrated the football club’s devotion to innovation.

Joe McCallum, the Director of Sportsbook for Sportsbet, said that the club was delighted to help Southampton FC in organizing the event. He also stated that this was a way to further enhance their partnership.

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