Swintt enters Ontario after receiving certification from AGCO

Swintt, a slot software supplier, has entered the Ontario market after obtaining a license from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to distribute games in the province.

This is the company’s initial effort to establish itself in the North American gaming jurisdiction. Prior to this, the company aimed to operate its business in Europe, specifically in countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, and Malta. 

As a part of its offerings, Swintt is in possession of multiple varieties of games, like table and book games, along with live casino games and slots. 

The company’s entire array of exclusive games, including iconic titles like Aloha Spirit XtraLock, will now be available to gaming enthusiasts in Ontario. In the forthcoming days, added titles will be brought to the table, including the much-sought-after, Law of Gilgamesh. 

Additionally, it will supply games developed by Elysium Studios, a business that was bought earlier this year. Tipsy Charms, the initial product of that partnership, is currently available on Swintt’s marketplaces.

The CEO of Swintt, David Mann, is confident that their company will establish itself properly in the Ontario gaming space. 

Swintt has been planning to enter the Ontario gaming market for some time, and now that they have the certification from AGCO, their aspirations will finally come true.  The company is well aware of just how lucrative the market is and will now go the extra mile to position itself as a major player in the gaming space in Ontario, as well as reach out and create a fresh user base with their established gaming collection.  

The company firmly believes that expanding within Ontario will soon allow it to expand into other territories, such as the lucrative US gaming markets.

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