Sports betting needs integrity, says AGCO’s project director

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario is currently deliberating on the implementation and preservation of integrity measures pertaining to sports and sports betting. In recent times, specific unsettling incidents have emerged, casting a negative light on the entirety of the sporting arena.

Sports wagering has become contentious following high-profile incidents like the lifetime suspension of Toronto Raptors player Jontay Porter from the NBA for violating betting policy. It is a matter of great importance to all sectors and requires a concerted effort from all participants to achieve success.

This subject was discussed between Insider Sport and Doug Hood, who is the Project Director of Gaming Modernization at AGCO. Based on Canadian sportsbook news, Hood expressed his perspective on the subject and vehemently recommended that all relevant parties, including regulators, operators, and others, collaborate in order to resolve the matter.

The integrity of sports betting is a fundamental aspect of the AGCO’s operations, and the organization is “specifically and strongly committed” to this goal, according to Hood. However, this is not an issue that is limited to just one party.

Hood went on to explain that, while AGCO is responsible for monitoring the regulated sports betting market in Ontario, they still need to work together on the betting integrity component. This is because many online sports betting sites are available all over the globe, and AGCO can only access a portion of the data that is relevant to this industry.

With the help of sports betting operators and other interested parties, prominent organizations such as IC360 (a combined entity of US Integrity and Odds On Compliance) and IBIA (International Betting Integrity Association) do continuous data-driven assessments.

In 2023, the IBIA identified 180 suspicious factors in relation to approximately 650,000 sporting activities. This speaks volumes regarding what the authorities are up against.

Hood asserts that there is an urgent requirement for appropriate technological solutions that can resolve the matter of integrity in sports betting in a more efficient manner. He believes that AI may also play a significant role in this. An increase was indicated by the 56 suspicious activities that occurred in the first quarter of 2024.

Prominent sports organizations, including MLB and the NBA, strictly prohibit all personnel, including players, from engaging in bets on league games. Furthermore, a number of these leagues have comprehensive athlete education programs that emphasize the importance of integrity and responsible wagering.

Primarily, Hood emphasizes that sports organizations, teams, and administrators need to take a proactive stance in safeguarding integrity.

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