Roughriders to finalize their head coach by November end

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have stated that they are likely to select one of two candidates for Head Coach. It comes down to Corey Mace and Buck Pierce, the two CFL coordinators. The decision to bring in a fresh face comes after the Roughriders finished fourth in the West Division with a 6-12 record in 2023. Craig Dickenson will be replaced by whoever is chosen.

Mace is a former defensive coordinator for the Toronto Argonauts. He was also considered for the role of head coach in 2022, but lost out to Bob Dyce of the Ottawa Redblacks. Since 2021, he has been with Toronto and is credited with helping his team finish the previous season with an average of 22 points given up. This is the third-lowest number of points for a giveaway.

Mace is also identified as a crucial factor in helping the side finish 16-2 before losing the playoff to the Montreal Alouettes in the East Final.

Pierce, on the other hand, has been with the Bombers since 2014 as an Assistant Coach. This covers his entire coaching career. The 2023 season has been dubbed the Bombers’ best yet, with the team averaging 417.3 yards per game. The team even made it to the Grey Cup, where it was defeated by the Alouettes 28-24.

Given how the team played this season, the Roughriders are hesitant to renew contact with Craig. Six victories and twelve losses for fourth place in the West Division was not what the management had hoped for. The Roughriders experienced a string of bad luck, losing their last seven games in a row. Their most recent victory was a 32-30 victory over the Blue Bombers.

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of the loss; however, one can reasonably say that an ambitious start has not yielded productive results thus far. For example, against Toronto, the squad scored 17 points in the first half but only 9 points in the final two quarters. The Argonauts secured their victory in the fourth quarter. It was a 10-point contribution that helped them win by a 3-point margin.

Similarly, the Stampeders were allowed to pick up the momentum in the second half despite scoring a massive 13-pointer in the first half, with all of it coming together in the second quarter.

Calgary retaliated in the third quarter to not spare the opponent. Thereby, gaining the edge of 3 points and then the win margin of 7 points by the end of the game. Football betting has seen multiple swings with Roughriders on the field. A lot of them have come in the second half only.

The Roughriders are anticipated to reveal their head coach by the end of November. There is no obvious indication of who is leading the race. What is certain is that Craig’s contract is not being considered for renewal.

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