Responsible Gambling Council lauds the iGaming Model of Ontario

The Responsible Gambling Council has expressed profound gratitude regarding Ontario’s regulatory approach to sports wagering and online gambling. Shelley White, the chief executive officer of RGC, has expressed her admiration for the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario’s initiative while also warning against complacency in light of the ever-evolving gambling industry.

Ontario reached a watershed moment on April 4, 2022, when it legalized sports betting and online gambling. After that, the verticals generated wagering transaction revenues over CA$35.6 billion, with online gambling revenues reaching CA$1.48 billion.

White asserts that the established regulations persist for a duration of ten years, a fact that is widely recognized. As an alternative, the Ontario AGCO has adopted a flexible approach by amending regulations as needed rather than establishing specific regulations.

In 2023, in response to adverse feedback concerning promotional campaigns for gambling and wagering, the commission made the decision to cease all endorsements of commercials by athletes and public figures. This endeavor aimed to safeguard the interests of young individuals and encourage responsible gaming. Implementation of this occurred on February 28, 2024.

Based on Canadian online gambling news, Whites believe that much more needs to be done, including increased funding for prevention education programs for children and adolescents. This will enable them to obtain responsible wagering resources and effectively apply them to their personal benefit. 

Currently, a portion of the promotional budgets of online operators in Ontario must be allocated towards responsible gambling advertisements. White maintains that further action is required. She advocates for increased government involvement and accountability in the event of complications.

AGCO granted Booming Games, a reputable provider of online casino content, a B2B supplier permit amidst the rapidly expanding iGaming and online wagering industry. This authorization enables Booming Games to expand its operations to additional certified operators within the province. 

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