Real Dealer Studios delivers Hockey Fever Roulette

Real Dealer Studios, which happens to be a supplier of games, and has expertise in live casino games, has set its sights on Ontario. With that in mind, the entity has delivered Hockey Fever Roulette. This very RNG game happens to be the entity’s very first foray into a sports-oriented game, and it has a protagonist in the role of a dealer. This has been very aptly carried out by Sarati, who happens to be an American-based actress. The narrative happens to be revolving around a man cave that is filled with sports-related paraphernalia. Along with all of this, and to complete the entire effect, pulsating rock music is introduced, with many other effective touches.

The game has been made available only through Games Global. This entity happens to have the ownership of Apollo Entertainment, which is the iGaming Ontario verified operator. In order to give it a familiar touch for a better connection with the audience, various aspects related to Canada have been duly added. They have also provided a much-personalized feel by making Sarati connect with players directly and individually. This is all the while when she is immersed in the taking of bets, along with spinning the wheel and running a continuous commentary on the entire proceedings. 

According to the Chief Product Officer of Real Dealer Studios, Shane Cotter, this game, on the whole, was created for all of the hockey fans, but somehow, elements were introduced especially for the Ontario audience. As a part of their future plans, this very market has a lot of significance for them, as well as casino table games. In his opinion, it will also happen to fit in extremely well with the upcoming hockey championship slated for the coming month.

So far as Cotter is concerned, the malleability that goes with RNG has been instrumental in making the dealer-hosted game popular for the market, as well as the sportsbook cross-sell. In this, one is able to witness professional actors, as well as directors, along with the production team making their valuable contributions by providing the game with cinematic effects, which happen to be finally incorporated within an RNG-oriented game infrastructure.   

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