Pariplay introduces the Fusion aggregation platform

At the present moment in time, there are a whole lot of companies looking towards innovations, which in turn require incorporations. Most of them are turning out to be unintended and improper incorporations which are becoming a roadblock for the companies involved. Priplay has addressed this problem by coming out with the Fusion aggregation platform. 

From the latest gaming news, we can say that the company provides around-the-clock technical backing, as well as the narrowing down of contracts. This frees the operators from having to carry out negotiations with every supplier individually to gain access to fresh titles just when they are delivered. The entity has been functioning for the past ten years, and being the top aggregator and content supplier has the goal of bringing together operators with the portfolios of suppliers in the best way. 

According to the Managing Director of Pariplay, Adrian Bailey, Fusion comes with two components. One of them is the regulation layer, and the other is the engagement tools, which consist of the raffle tool, the Spin That Wheel tool, and the tournament tool. All of this is clear as well as regulator friendly. Operators face fewer complications and make more income. The company has the capacity to deliver around 300 to 450 games in a month.

The Fusion platform is capable of linking to just about any system with the help of a simplified application programming interface (API). It provides businesses with new-age frontend, as well as backend technology which assures them of convenient incorporations. Through these very products, the entity has been capable of creating an enviable list of associates, such as Play’nGO, as well as Evolution and Quickspin. 

The entity boasts of having 14,000 games in its arsenal, made accessible to 25 regulated markets, and making possible more than 150 live incorporations. It has taken in bets amounting to more than 1.5 billion euros on a monthly basis. The engagement tool that is right on top of the company’s list is Fusion Tournaments. Along with that are the Spin That Wheel and Raffle Rocket, which has been able to generate a lot of interest.  

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