Ontario Supreme Court upholds iGaming operations

In its ruling, the Supreme Court of Ontario disregarded the complaint filed by the Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke and declared the gaming version pertaining to iGaming Ontario to be viable. The court believes it is in compliance with Canada’s criminal code. 

In the words of the Executive Director of iGaming Ontario, Martha Otton, they have welcomed the court’s ruling. They were certain of the outcome as they were extra focused on every detail to not upset their apple cart. 

iGaming Ontario has been successfully operating its business since 2022. 

Based on online Canadian gaming news, The Supreme Court came into the picture due to a complaint filed by Kahnawà:ke towards the end of 2022. The MCK considered the alterations made by the government with regard to the functioning of iGaming to be unlawful. It was based on the fact that the province’s interpretation of Section 207 (1) of the criminal code was not what it was supposed to be. 

The matter of “conduct and manage” was highlighted, which Justice Lisa Brownstone frowned upon. 

As per the MCK, if understood correctly, the phrase would leave all the decisions related to the iGaming space in the operators’ hands. The iGO, on its part, emphasized that it had the ultimate control of all aspects. Justice Brownstone agreed with the iGO’s version. 

According to MCK, this was their final try following the unsuccessful initiatives to communicate with the concerned government authorities, which fell flat. It has been two decades and a half since MCK has been involved with the iGaming space, offering certifications to operators. It has vehemently opposed Bill-218, which brought in sole-event sports wagering, moving towards the introduction of legal markets in Ontario. 

In protest against the new market set up in Ontario, the MCK has pulled the shutters on its affiliate, Mohawk Online Limited.

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