Online gaming operators jointly introduce QOGC

As per the prime online gaming operators, it is the absolute need of the hour to formulate a fresh regulatory structure in terms of the online gaming industry. As a first step in that direction, they have collectively introduced the Quebec Online Gaming Coalition (QOGC) to earnestly look into just that. QOGC is basically an organization that has been established to ponder on and formulate a set of guidelines aimed toward properly safeguarding the interests of the industry. The idea is to have some sensible online gaming, as well as ethically oriented promotional activities that are part and parcel of the concerned industry. 

The coalition culminated from the fact that a detailed study was conducted by the entity Leger Marketing. Through this, it was learned that roughly 66% of the people interviewed were inclined toward a better set of rules and regulations pertaining to the online gaming arena. The Quebec government should not be discouraging online gaming is what 71% felt strongly about. Most of the interviewees stood for strict taxation laws in order to bring about further clarity, and through the revenue generated, contributions should be made towards charitable acts and protection from irresponsible gambling behavior. 

As per the plans laid out by the coalition body, they will be working hand in glove with the Quebec government to encourage responsible gambling with the formation of the required regulatory structures in place. According to Canadian gaming news, They will be making their relevant contributions to the Fonds de recherche du Québec-Société et Culture for carrying on the process of identifying the significant cases of mishandling gambling-related activities and bringing about better control of the same. 

It was way back in the year 2014 when the Online Gaming Task Force, led by Dr. Louise Nadeau, came up with suggestions to look into a fresh regulatory system for the online gaming arena. This would bring all of the private operators under its fold. However, all of these initiatives never saw anything bearing fruit as the government at that very point in time was disinclined to pursue any of that, leaving it to Ontario to form the necessary regulations. Today, there are a number of legal online casinos in Canada that follow the rules and regulations to provide great experience to players.

The coalition, on its part, has taken inspiration from the Ontario model where forming the regulations is concerned. This was officially put in place somewhere at the beginning of the year 2022, in association with iGaming Ontario (IGO), as well as the Government of Ontario and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). What it spelled out is that all private online gaming operators were required to have a license to carry out their activities in Ontario. As per a survey carried out by Ipsos in 2023, it was duly learned that 85.3% of all gamers used regulated sites to carry on with their gambling activities, which was, in a way, a welcoming sign. Through this, the Ontario government was able to generate for itself over 380 million in the form of revenue from regulated online gambling. 

The QOGC consists of top online gaming entities such as Apricot Investments, as well as Betway and Bet99. There are names like DraftKings, Entertain, Flutter, and Games Global, along with RushStreet. They are all responsible for the formulation of structures related to regulations set up for online gambling.  

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