NorthStar Gaming secures 2 awards for FIFA World Cup ad campaign

NorthStar Gaming obtained two esteemed awards in recognition of the advertising campaign it started in 2022. The first was Clio Sports’ Silver Award for Fan Engagement, and the second was the Canadian Marketing Association’s Bronze Award for Innovative Media.

The awards were presented in recognition of the company’s 90 Minute Stat Holiday advertising campaign. The campaign pertained to the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup. It proposed that Canadians be required to observe a mandatory holiday period in order to support their preferred teams throughout the tournament.

The campaign was conceived by Publicis Groupe,Starcom,  Leo Burnett, and North Strategic associates. Furthermore, the affiliation with Footy Prime podcast presenters, including Jimmy Brennan and Craig Forrest of Canada, former members of the men’s national soccer team, was an added benefit.

Based on online Canadian gaming news, the campaign significantly increased soccer wagering by 180% and a 50% increase in website page views. There was a 470% increase in the number of new users placing their initial lot of wagers. NorthStar has continued to capitalize on the campaign’s advantages by increasing wagers by 140% and generating 131% more revenue in 2023.

According to the Vice President of Marketing at NorthStar Gaming, Dante Anderson, Ontario is overcrowded with soccer enthusiasts, and the impetus the province received from the campaign drew the attention of the international sporting space. They firmly believe that a well-planned promotional campaign really helps pull in the crowds.

The Canadian Marketing Association Awards are recognized for their support and encouragement of promotional endeavors. On the other hand, the Clio Sports Awards exclusively recognize marketing initiatives associated with sporting events.

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