No new casino launches are expected for next 18 months

Coming from a list of gaming space stakeholders, there will certainly be no fresh introductions of casinos, not for another one and a half years. 

Even if there has been a substantial increase in earnings for a while now, there seems to be a lack of political will pertaining to added certified online casinos. 

In the words of Lauren Sieler, Founder of Global Gaming Advisors, this is a year of elections, and there seems to be no traction. Multiple states are seeking certification. 

Almost 40 US states have consented to certified sports wagering since the Supreme Court eliminated the federal betting restrictions almost six years ago. Seven states have consented to physical-money online casinos. 

Certain states have permitted online casinos but receive barely 50% of the revenue earned by the total US-certified sports wagering markets. 

There is supposedly a great deal of apprehension regarding online casinos and gaming from all authoritative bodies, including politicians, labor unions, and others. They strongly feel that the entire idea will come with its own set of problems that go against the common man’s interests. Aside from other factors, they are somehow okay with sports wagering as a means of making conversation. 

According to Caesars Digital President Eric Hession, the iGaming business has witnessed sufficient improvements in processing payments and other connected functions, and revenues are seeing an upward trend despite the opening of new casinos. 

Fresh product launches, live dealer games, and other revenue-generating initiatives will follow. 

All concerned are waiting for the government to stop dragging its feet and become active instead.

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