NFL is luring Ontarian sports bettors again, says OLG report

According to a report from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, it appears that sports bettors in Ontario still favor the NFL as their preferred sporting event. For instance, the game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles, with a score count of 33-13 in favor of the former team, witnessed the maximum betting during the week on OLG’s PROLINE.

As a state-run agency, the OLG offers gambling and sports betting and returns 100% of earnings to the province of Ontario. The Crown Corporation facilitates certified wagering at retail locations across the province via its PROLINE brand.

The most-bet-on event of the week was the Cowboys vs. Eagles game, with Dallas being the heavy favorite, according to the OLG. Although both teams had strong offenses, 31% of bettors chose the eventual under, and 60% of those who bet correctly anticipated the winners to cover. On the moneyline, just 43% of bettors chose the Cowboys.

In recent times, the Buffalo Bills came up with a victorious score of 20-17 in their favor when they were up against the Kansas City Chiefs. In this case, 55% of bettors bet on Bills, with 54% spreading their bets. The bettors went for the Bills due to their quarterback, Josh Allen. 

As per the online Canadian gaming news, the NBA’s In-Season Tournament saw closure over the weekend, where the LA Lakers won against the Indian Pacers with a score of 123-09 in their favor. Almost 65% of bettors placed their fingers on Lakers and 24% spread it on teams like Phoenix Suns, Boston Celtics, and Milwaukee Bucks. 

OLG mentioned that one bettor changed a CA$2 bet into CA$1,590. Added to that, there was a retail consumer who won CA$9,818 from as little as CA$20. However, an online user of PROLINE took away CA$11,813 after laying a betting amount of CA$30. This was all about NHL and NFL games.

OLG has declared that in preparation for the imminent holiday season, they will be releasing and giving back quite a few special lottery tickets. Lottery enthusiasts will have the option of purchasing the tickets pertaining to the addition of Merry Millions, which has 408 mandatory prizes ranging from CA$1,000 to CA$1 million. The holidays will see the return of the CA$100 Ultimate.

The Crown Corporation has issued a warning to parents regarding the practice of presenting lottery tickets to children, stating that such an act may negatively affect the future of the young individuals involved by making it simpler for them to develop gambling-related issues.

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