NCAA to clamp down on prop wagering on college level sports

As per the president of the NCAA, Charlie Baker, they have decided to clamp down on prop wagering related to college-level sports in North America and Ontario. In his viewpoint, prop wagering has become a serious issue with the athletic community. For him, the start is reaching out to all states to do the needful.

Prop wagers are side wagers placed on individual players and their contribution to the games they play. All their activities during the gameplay come under the gamut.

Certain states like Massachusetts and Pennsylvania have not encouraged college prop wagers, whereas states like Maryland and Ohio have completely illegalized it. There are some who have put specific caps, and in some states, no rules apply.

Baker is contacting all states to ban anything related to college prop wagering. Though it is a common phenomenon, the idea is to safeguard the student’s interests. It creates unnecessary pressure on them to fulfill the bettor’s expectations. Various opinions are doing the rounds, as in all controversial matters, but the intention is to take the right step, keeping every factor in mind. Integrity is a priority issue.

Though prop wagering has no real impact on the game results, many misdemeanors go unseen.

As an example of the hazards accompanying prop wagering, the men’s basketball team, Temple, is under scrutiny for irregular wagering activities. Before this, several Iowa state-level players had been suspended for nefarious acts related to gambling.

Baker’s intentions are being shared at a time when the March Madness basketball tournaments are on.

Based on online Canadian gambling news, there are assumptions being made by the American Gaming Association that there will be $2.72 billion worth of wagers placed during March Madness. As per the previous run of the tournament, youngsters in the age group of 18 to 21 were seen gambling.

In the case of the major league, the focus is on MLB star Shohei Ohtani, as well as the forward of Toronto Raptors, Jontay Porter, for alleged illegal gambling activities.

As per DraftKings, in the case of two Raptor’s games against the LA Clippers and Sacramento Kings, Porter came under the limelight for bringing in the maximum amount of money for operators. As of now, he is totally under the lens.

As per the Alcohol and Gaming Commission, college-level sports prop wagering is above board, with the final say left to operators like FanDuel, BetMGM, and others.

The AGCO communicated to the Canadian Gaming Business regarding everything mandatory for the operators to follow strictly, focusing on college-level sports prop wagering.

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