Montréal wins 1st Grey Cup since 2010 after beating Blue Bombers

The Blue Bombers were way ahead of the Alouettes; however, the second half, especially the concluding quarter, took the game away from them. It was the final push from the WR of Montreal, Philpot, in the last 15 seconds, which made sure that the game was inclined toward them. Montreal vs. Winnipeg has now ended with a final tally of 28-24.

Particularly surprising is the fact that by the conclusion of the initial two quarters, the Blue Bombers were unquestionably in a position to secure the victory. Indeed, upon limiting the opponent to a scoreless second quarter, they held a 10-point advantage.

Montreal has lifted the Grey Cup for the first time since 2010. It would be wrong to not mention that Winnipeg never tried. There was a moment when they nearly got the game back in their favor. From the online Canadian gaming news, Zach completed the pass, and Sheahan attempted to boot the ball, but it could not travel the required distance, falling in the hands of Montreal for an unfortunate recovery. The plan was to get it to the end zone before losing possession.

Alouettes dominated the second half of the game by not letting the Blue Bombers score any points immediately. The pressure continued to build, but not the momentum. Hence, losing the game in the last quarter by a margin of 7 points, overall by a thin margin of 4 points.

Fajardo expressed his excitement by calling out his old days when Cole made the day, adding that everything has happened for a reason.

Cody is credited with 3 TDs with 1 interception through 290 yards. William contributed 68 yards on a single touchdown to sustain the game. The Blue Bombers held Dakota Prukop in high regard, as she ran 33 yards and scored twice.

It is the glass half full for the Blue Bombers, considering they came a long way with 5 consecutive wins. With a 6-point margin, losing to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats was a setback after some of the significant victories. This includes the 45-25 victory over the Elks and the 36-13 win over the Stampeders. Simply put, Winnipeg is taking home some of the fond memories despite losing the Grey Cup in the 110th CFL.

The Alouettes made it to the final by 14-7 against 15-5 for their now-lost opponent. Montreal did grab sweet victories in the last six games, including the one with a 29-3 gap versus the Redblacks. That’s a game where the final quarter opened up for the other team, a time when it was all about pride and not precisely about the win. Montreal was not consistent, yet it stayed afloat with an upward trajectory.

Interestingly, the Blue Bombers were at the top of the West Division, and the Alouettes finished second in the East Division. Twenty-one weeks later, the Division Finals were hosting the Alouettes versus the Argonauts and the Blue Bombers versus the Lions.

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