Leon gives Canada a huge CONCACAF W Gold Cup win over Paraguay

Canada and Paraguay had a face-off in the CONCACAF W Gold Cup. Fans are defining it as a one-sided football event, for Canada outbeat Paraguay heavily by 4-0. If anything, fans are happy that the keeper saved the chance to translate it to 5-0 at the end. Canada is now two for two as Paraguay struggles to advance to the next stage with just one match in the pocket.

Adriana Leon bagged a hat trick. She found the back of the net two times in the second half. Her way to navigate around the defensive stretch was unbeatable. The opener came in the 29th minute when Paraguay gave up against the aggressive attack. They should have held on a little longer to change the tunes. Olivia Smith scored the second goal of the first half in the next 14 minutes.

Group C matches have come to an interesting turning point. 10th-ranked Canada beating 50th-placed Paraguay has opened the door for an interesting competition between Paraguay and El Salvador. The latter has zero chances of qualifying but wants to go home with dignity. Paraguay, on the other hand, is hoping for a huge win to secure the aspect of GD.

They have a negative number, while Costa Rica has a single in the department. Both teams winning would put GD at the center of the table. Thereby, Costa Rica is moving up the ladder with Canada.

Based on online sports betting news, Bev Priestman, Canada’s coach, said that they won only after they had to adjust some things tactically. This is likely a hint that Paraguay is starting to pose a big challenge. This is evident from her further statement: Paraguay is a good team. Later, they added that they came to the game aware of that factor and with respect to Paraguay in every sense.

Paraguay was able to beat Costa Rica when Lice Chamorro scored the only goal in the 51st minute. They then relied on the defense, which turned out to be faulty against Canada.

Canada’s previous win was against El Salvador. That was also a one-sided football event in the CONCACAF W Gold Cup. Canada drew a win with a 6-0 final tally. Olivia Smith bagged a goal in the 86th minute. Adriana Leon had a double, with the second net coming via penalty.

Trends have set a promising record for Canada as a team with a GD of a positive 10. The only team to come close to them in terms of GD is the USA, with 9 GD and 6 points in Group A. Group B will also expect an interesting turn. Colombia and Puerto Rico stand a chance to qualify for the next round.

Upcoming football matches in the CONCACAF W Gold Cup to look out for are between Argentina and the Dominican Republic, the USA and Mexico, and Colombia and Puerto Rico.

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