Kings Entertainment supports merger with Bet99

All of the concerned shareholders of Kings Entertainment have their unanimous consent to carry on with its aim and plans of forming a mutually beneficial merger agreement with Sports Venture Holdings. This entity is the parent organization of the well-known sportsbook brand, Bet99. By its standing, Kings Entertainment happens to be a company actively engaged in activities related to online lottery and gaming. However, this merger came through after many deliberations and the passing of opinions among its members, who were ultimately responsible for the go-ahead.

The prime purpose and vision for doing this were to enter the company into the gamut of online casinos. However, it was done to earn greater and more deserving profit margins that were otherwise unavailable. Another important reason was the fact of their existing operations based on online lotteries making their mark and standing on firmer ground.

According to the CEO of Kings Entertainment, Steve Budin, the base plan of amalgamating with Bet99 was on the anvil for some time now, with the situation falling in their favor and into place sometime in May. The idea stemmed from the fact that it would be extremely lucrative for the combined power of the two prime brands to make their foray into the ever-increasing sports betting arena in Canada. Ultimately, this would simultaneously turn into a productive brand-building exercise of enormous proportions.

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