Jackpot Digital collaborates with SIGA

Jackpot Digital teamed up with the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority. The gambling supplier will collaborate with SIGA to launch its new Jackpot Blitz dealerless poker electronic table games. Nevertheless, the integration requires regulatory and license permissions.

Jackpot Digital, headquartered in British Columbia, specializes in the production of dealerless multiplayer electronic poker tables with a specific focus on tangible certified casinos and cruise ships. Furthermore, an assortment of backend tools are available to offer casino enterprises the chance to optimize their poker facilities.

The partnership represents a significant milestone for SIGA, which operates seven physical gambling facilities across Saskatchewan. SIGA will initially install Jackpot Blitz machines in their Dakota Dunes and Gold Horse Casinos, which are located in Lloydminster and Saskatoon, respectively.

In addition, SIGA manages the online wagering platform PlayNow.com. These possess tremendous entertainment potential, which is provided by live table games, slot machines, and even live performances. The level of customer service offered is exceptional.

Based on the Canadian gaming news, Jake Kalpakian, president and chief executive officer of Jackpot Digital, asserts that the partnership with SIGA will serve as their entry point into the Saskatchewan gambling industry. The corporation is presently present in 12 states within the United States and several countries worldwide.

PlayNow, developed by SIGA, was introduced in 2022. It was the first certified online wagering and sports betting platform in the province of British Columbia. It went online on November 3, 2022, and was supplied by BCLC. At the time of introduction, it offered over 500 casino games as well as a full range of worldwide standard sports betting options.

When SIGA reported its yearly statistics for 2022-23, it was evident that they were on track with their gaming expansion goals. In its first fiscal year, the market listed 15,000 consumers and made a profit.

According to PlayNow, it generated CA$113 million in revenue from online slots during its first fiscal year. They were referring to the period between November 4, 2022, and March 31, 2023. The online portal also earned more than CA$50 million through slot spins and CA$4.99 million from fresh spins. In terms of sports betting, the total stood at CA$117,000.

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