iGaming Ontario advances in Centralized Self-Exclusion Program

iGaming Ontario will soon be coming out with its long-awaited centralized self-exclusion scheme. This will help players who need to protect their interests.

Recently, Ontario’s online gaming regulator came out with an official declaration that it will accept the appeal for suggestions stage sometime in the beginning of 2024. This is a move towards the body’s intention to come out with a finer and all-pervasive self-exclusion scheme.

This idea has been doing the rounds for the last eight months and came to life at the recently organized Canadian Gaming Summit held in June. During the event, the IGO Executive Director, Martha Otton, spoke about Ontario’s growing market and the need for better player safety solutions.

Otton went on to say that it was imperative for developers to set aside a portion of their gross gaming income for responsible gambling promotion and education. She believes that all participants should contribute their efforts to implement a centralized self-exclusion strategy, which is deemed essential for the state.

As per IGO, it will be possible for players to self-exclude from all 70+ certified operators in Ontario via a sole listing procedure. This brings into the picture Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s online gaming sites.

The applications are currently being reviewed, but before that, some ground rules will be established. In addition to establishing and implementing an all-inclusive technique that adheres to the player’s list in terms of self-exclusion, renewal, and restoration, six key principles must be followed. In terms of the new plan, it must be player-centered, supportive, and transparent. There are other concerns about safety, strength, and feasibility.

According to the press release, the selected bidder will function in tandem with iGaming Ontario on a long-term basis and with the effective utilization of advanced and inventive technology.

Connex Ontario noticed an exponential increase in calls about dangerous aspects of internet gambling at the beginning of 2023. According to Anne Counter, Connex Ontario’s director of system navigation and information services, calls have increased by 40% over the preceding two years. The calls came from family members and well-wishers of the affected players. Help-based services are available on numerous platforms, and all that is required is to connect with them. There is Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare, as well as the Center for Addiction and Mental Health, the Responsible Gaming Council, and other organizations.

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