High 5 Games expands into British Columbia and Alberta

High 5 Games has devised a dual-pronged strategy to increase its iGaming market share. The entry into North America is one, while providing more exclusive titles is the other. Anthony Singer, the organization’s founder and chief executive officer, has presided over the business since its inception in 1995.

According to Singer, the organization entered the West Virginia market in February in collaboration with DraftKings and intends to expand further. The certifications have been obtained from the BCLC in British Columbia and the AGLC in Alberta.

High 5 Jackpots, a product of High 5 Games, is poised to make its impact in the state of New Jersey. It aligns with the organization’s Rapid Rewards program. Furthermore, the Rapid Rewards Flash Prizes offer players the chance to win Feature Boosted Spins and Super Boosted Spins. Singer considers these to be assured victors at this point.

During the period from February 8 to 14, 88 Drums And Dragon’s Blessings Prosperity was introduced.  

Based on online Canadian gaming news, High 5 Games demonstrates cognizance of its technical prowess by making significant investments in advancements such as improved iOS delivery. Singer says the iOS platform holds considerable influence within the iGaming industry. This is particularly evident in the context of packaging, where limitations on the size of games enable their colleagues to incorporate more games into their applications.

Numerous games are in the works, including 88 Drums, Golden Knight Infinity, and Bankrush Bonanza, among others. These games feature cutting-edge assets, an assortment of in-game features, in-game jackpots, and the most popular side wagers. Within the game, Feature Boost and Super Boost have been incorporated. In addition to being able to increase their turns, players will be immersed in a distinctive and engaging gaming environment.

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