Globe Telecom witnessed an increase of 967% in inactive sites

Globe Telecom Inc. witnessed an increase of 967% in inactive sites following its total crackdown on unregistered online gambling businesses. Globe was itself successful in downing the shutters of 1,345 domains. The company has been actively identifying and taking corrective measures related to uncertified online gambling businesses since 2021. The company was responsible for shutting down 52 sites, which went up to 396 in 2022. In 2023, it managed to do the needful on 4,237 sites. 

According to the Chief Information Security Officer at Globe, Anton Reynaldo M. Bonifacio, uncertified gambling is not ruled by any laws and, therefore, puts at risk all of their connected players. No guidelines are mandatory for them to follow, and the focus is simply on greater earnings for themselves. In his opinion, it is a highly precarious scenario, and the players’ perception of the threat is enormous. 

The company has taken it upon itself to do more than its bit to nip this mushrooming of uncertified online gambling sites in the bud for the welfare of the general public, particularly gambling enthusiasts, for their own protection and interests. For this, they have adopted blocking systems and content-targeting methods. 

This framework comes with an investment of over $2.7 million, enabling the company to identify and block the sites. Also included are the sites engaged in child pornography and online piracy. 

A while back, the government issued a warning regarding uncertified online gambling sites, alerting the public concerning scams of various sorts, such as those involving credit cards and identification stealing. 

Towards the end of 2023, Globe Telecom declared that it had made 404,730 sites inactive. This signified an increase of 45%, attributed to the scaling of its filtering potential in mobile and broadband services. Towards Q3, it had increased by 70.8%. 

During January and September, Globe shut down 397,637 sites, which included gambling as well as child pornography.

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