GGpoker Inundated With Big Scores as Haxton Rides High on the Success

Major poker tournaments across the world have one name in common on the finale table that is Isaac Haxton. Being no stranger to the winning circle, Haxton has habituated himself to the same. The buy-in event for 5250 dollars at GGPoker held this weekend saw Haxton finishing off in style with a first-place win. The High Rollers Special held this Sunday saw 30 players being brought under the radar for a 5,250-dollar play. Each player was a class apart. Daniel Dvoress, Dario Sammartino, Niklas Astedt, and the bubble boy named Pedro Garagnani, who finished fifth, were some of the prominent names who had a tumultuous fall before the dishing out of the pool prize of 150,000 dollars. 

The first player to receive any payout was Adrian Mateos out of the total four. Mateo finished fourth bagging prize money of 23,136 dollars. The third-place exit saw RaiseUpBlind of Canada falling in line to lock the prize money of 30,853 dollars. A record holder for GGPoker tournaments, Michael Addamo, was left on board facing Haxton heads-on with the exit of Canada’s RaiseUpBlind. A deal was sealed by the duo before going heads-up for the distinction of winning. Haxton, who defeated Addamo, amassed a whopping 47,299 dollars from the win. A larger share of 48,709 dollars was also collected by Addamol. 

GGMasters High Roller saw rimony bagging 140,355 dollars 

Eight hundred eighty-nine players were on board for the buy-in for this week’s GGMasters 1,050-dollar event. The one player outlasting all of the contenders was rimony of Canada. Hard cash valuating to 140,355 dollars came as the winning amount. This was one of the two prizes in six figures that were handed out as awards for this tournament. Nine finalists in total, each of whom amassed a minimum of 15,393 dollars out of their investment of 1,050 dollars. This particular sum was scooped up by Alessandro MonkeyD93 Pichierri. At the same time, the ones to cash out one after the other were Dripbayless, thesweetife, and Luka magic 77. The amount of 35,261 dollars was hauled up for the efforts by the latter. Turkey’s TugaStallion bagged 46,482 dollars for finishing fifth, while Robert Lipkin, a grinder based out of Costa Rica, had a close shave coming in fourth. He amassed a whopping 61,273 dollars of the prize money. 

Georgji fckgenius Zaripov, who got richer by 80,771 dollars, held the third position while also giving the tournament a heads-up. The clash saw rimony and ImS0Lucky fighting it out with a 34,000 dollars heads-up. Lacking a deal paved the way for ImS0Lucky to rake in 106,474 dollars while rimony claimed the balance of the 1 million dollars prize pool that amounted to 140,355 dollars. 

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