Get Ready for Some Knockout Action With the PKO Summer Series

From August 1 through August 6, the PKO will take place as the final event of the Summer Series Festival.

Knockout tournaments, referred to as bounty tournaments, are very popular. The one significant distinction between these games and other kinds of poker tournaments is that in these games, you receive cash prizes for eliminating each opponent.

The bounty on a player’s head will rise as the tournament continues because, in these tournaments, you receive a portion of the bounty from the opponent you directly knock out, and the remainder is added to your bounty.

Two Progressive Knockout Bounty tournaments will be available each day during the series, with purchases ranging from ₮5 to ₮100. Progressive knockout tournament prize pools are divided into a base prize pool and a bounty on each competitor.

In a progressive knockout bounty tournament, if a gamer is knocked out, they receive half of the bounty, and the other half is decided to add to their head.

With each player you eliminate in the later rounds of the game, you can anticipate winning a sizable sum of money.

If you participate in all ten events, you will receive records into two ₮20 CSOP events, worth a total of ₮40. 3 lucky players receive CSOP event entries at unexpected times within every event.

Big money would be at the finale, so keep that in mind. Don’t let the knockout matches from the previous games divert your attention from this. The beauty of these competitions is that the rewards for each player increase. Imagine that early in the tournament, you and another player at your table defeated their opponents. Your bounty would rise from $10 to $15, and you would each immediately receive $5.

Series Specifics:-

  • Initial bet: 10,000
  • Format for Freezeout
  • Regular 8-minute levels, Turbo-charged 5-minute levels
  • Registration: 8 levels late registration
  • How do PKO and Turbo work? PKO stands for Progressive Knockout, and in a progressive knockout bounty tournament, the winner receives half of the bounty if they knock out another player while keeping the other half for themselves. Turbo is a five-minute blind level.
  • Freezeout Format: What is it? There are still no rebuys or reentries; once you run out of chips, you are out of the tournament.

Terms & Conditions:- 

  • After the tourneys are deployed, victors will automatically register for CSOP events.
  • The entrance has no redeemable worth and is only good for the particular CSOP tournament.
  • The promotion runs from August 1 through August 5, GMT.
  • Suppose CoinPoker determines that these terms & conditions cannot be changed to enable the promotion to be carried out as planned. In that case, CoinPoker stockpiles the right to modify, halt, or terminate the promotion.

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