GeoComply & OneComply highlight ease in licensing process via acquisition

GeoComply has completed the process to acquire OneComply in a bid to use its tools to swiftly complete the licensing process. OneComply brings to the table the capability of being centralized and automated, allowing its partners to accelerate the launch.

The acquisition brings together two partners who will cover all the aspects of the licensing process. This includes the stage where the licensing process begins to the stage where they are tasked with maintaining the compliance structure.

OneCompliance largely helps players who are operating in the regulated market. What makes things interesting and easy for GeoCompliance is the fact that they already share each other’s ideologies in the form of a client-service provider relationship.

The terms of GeoComply acquiring OneComly have not been made public; however, it has been learned that this is the first acquisition of GeoComply, the geolocation & risk solutions provider.

Anna Sainsbury, the Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of GeoComply, has said that they are pleased to complete the acquisition process with OneComply, especially since they are the existing customers of OneComply. Anna has added that they were impressed with the venture right from the first interaction.

OneComply is now a member of the GeoComply family, to which Anna says that it is a great pleasure to have them onboard.

The licensing process can be painful for individuals and organizations residing in regulated markets. This portion is often overlooked by many players who, instead, choose to go through the licensing process no matter how they feel. OneComply sees the pain, Anna further stated, adding that OneComply also makes the job easier for regulators and not just the market players.

The CEO of GeoComply has expressed her belief that the services of OneComply will indeed offer a high standard of compliance to the gambling industry. Specifically for GeoComply, OneComply is all set to help materially and cost-effectively their customers in achieving and maintaining gold standards in risk services & compliance.

We have unparalleled capabilities, acknowledged Anna, highlighting that they will now support mission-critical compliance needs like KYC, fraud prevention technology, and sanctions compliance, to mention a few. This will extend to the entire gaming industry.

According to the latest gaming news, Cameron Conn, the Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of OneComply, has said that they look at this acquisition as an opportunity of offering their services to GeoComply, a firm that has always been an inspiration to them. This expands their reach to a larger regulated market abroad.

Conn has further expressed their excitement by mentioning Aaron Gould, the Co-Founder, and saying that they look forward to the journey as part of the broader team of GeoComply. Cameron has also shown confidence in being able to amplify the compliance and licensing solutions with a keen eye for enhancing the entire process. This will be specifically for the players in the regulated market across the world.

GeoComply and OneComply have completed the acquisition process. Either one could soon roll out the acquisition details, sharing more information with the public.

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