GambleAware Introduces Community Resilience Fund & Aftercare Funding Programs

GambleAware is a leading charity that works towards keeping people protected and safe from any harm that may arise from gambling. It has recently launched two key funding programs that focus on allowing people to help them recover from gambling addiction. 

These programs will also help different communities that are most affected by the crisis of cost of living. The Community Resilience Fund and the Aftercare Funding Program will help the work of GambleAware in many regions of Great Britain and support those at the highest risk of gambling harm. The programs will also focus on reducing existing inequalities in terms of health in disadvantaged communities. 

GambleAware’s Chief Commissioning Officer, Anna Hargrave, stated that the launch of the two funding programs would create capacity among organizations and charities to respond to all kinds of gambling harms in the communities. The programs will also support people in their recovery. Although many receive support and successful treatment for gambling harms, the process to ensure recovery is lesser-known to people. The two programs will help different organizations look after certain needs and resolve the problem of inequalities experienced by the community.

The Aftercare Funding Programme

The Aftercare Funding Programme (AFP) is a £2 million scheme currently looking for applications for different projects to offer support services and allow people to recover from gambling addiction and rebuild themselves. New organizations and charities, as well as current partners, will be allowed to register for the funds with pilot projects or smaller organizations awarded a maximum of £150,000. In contrast, larger projects or organizations can register for a maximum of £350,000. 

A Lived Experience Consultant, Owen Bailey, stated that the launch of the Aftercare Funding Programme by GambleAware is the most welcoming investment and the need of the hour to play the essential role in preventing further harm from gambling. The key ingredient to allowing people to rebuild themselves on their recovery journey is ensuring that they have the best opportunity to sustain and achieve long-term recovery followed by gambling treatment. 

All applications for the AFP will close on 15 August 2022 at 12 PM. Check out the Aftercare Funding Program webpage to learn more about the scheme and the application process.

The Community Resilience Fund

The Community Resilience Fund (CRF) is a £1 million project that aims to offer short-term funding to allow organizations and projects to resolve the cost of living crises as quickly as possible. The new charities and partners can register for a maximum of £100,000 for 12 months. 

All applications for the CRF close on 28th July 2022 at 12 PM. Check out the Community Resilience Fund webpage to learn more about the scheme and the application process.

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