Galaxy and ODDSworks unveil an exciting new roulette game

Galaxy Gaming Inc., with the assistance of ODDSworks, has taken a significant step forward in the online gaming world by launching its new Random Number Generator, Roulette Up. The game, which introduces some of the most exciting features in gaming, is now playable online across several US states through major platforms like WynnBET, DraftKings, and Golden Nugget.

According to Phylicia Middleton, MD of Galaxy Gaming, a well-known casino game and technology company based in Las Vegas, Roulette Up will soon be available to Canadian gamers. There are various Roulette casinos in Canada and Roulette up will be the new addition for the players. The corporation is the leading creator and distributor, with a strong presence in land-based casinos across the globe, as well as its online platforms inside Galaxy Gaming, and has intentions to enter Canada.

The expected release dates for the Roulette Up in Canada vary by area. Albertans will be able to play the game on the Play Alberta platform as early as the third quarter of this year, while British Columbians will have to wait until the fourth quarter. The game is expected to make its debut in Ontario in 2024.

According to Jason McCulloh, VP of iGaming and Performance at Galaxy, Canada has played an important role in the company’s online success. This is especially true given the recent surge in online gaming in Ontario and Saskatchewan. McCulloh noted that all of the content is now accessible from Quebec to British Columbia via Live Dealer tables and a variety of RNG games such as Roulette Up. He also stated that he would like to offer products in the Atlantic provinces, which will contribute with the expansion of physical game locations in areas that do not already have them.

Roulette Up introduces a unique gameplay approach to the igaming industry. A progressive wager and an optional side bet are available in the game, enabling players to wager on the outcome, which generates a growing sequence with each reel spin. A distinctive payout system is implemented, whereby the prizes are calculated according to the duration of the sequence.

After the debut of Roulette Up, Galaxy Gaming intends to provide additional games. Among these upcoming releases is Split To Double Blackjack with Galaxy’s progressive jackpot, which has long been a favorite of high-payout gamblers.

ODDSworks has established itself as a leader in remote gaming server technology and interactive content, and thus plays an important role in this collaboration. The company’s primary goal is to provide the best gaming content and interactive technologies to regulated real-money gambling markets. This collaboration between Galaxy Gaming and ODDSworks, which leverages their respective strengths in game design and technology, could give a deeper playing experience to North American players, to begin with, but possibly more broadly throughout the globe. It will be like flipping online gaming on its head with dynamic and interesting new content.

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