Football Predictions by Steve Freeth and Sam Matterface

Bet365 is not shying away from letting participants grab the reward of 1,000,000 pounds. All they have to do is correctly guess the final score of all the six games during the 6 Score Challenge, predictions for which have already been shared by Steve Freeth and Sam Matterface.

Football matches will be more interesting as participants look at the key points before placing their bets on real money online casino.

Newcastle v Bournemouth has the same prediction from Steve and Sam with a difference only in the winning margin. Newcastle is the favorite to win against Bournemouth despite failing against Crystal Palace. The team is, however, powered by scoring three goals against the defense of Manchester City.

Bournemouth would not be an issue as the side is back from the victory of 3-2 against Nottingham Forest, a game that was played on September 03, 2022.

Norwich v West Brom has the same prediction from Sam and Steve. Norwich is likely to claim victory with 2-1. Sam is inclined towards the opinion as he believes that Norwich will carry its energy of winning, especially after West Brom lost to Birmingham City.

Steve Bruce has been leading West Brom only to take the side to an equal score, missing out on the chance to win just by a single goal.

Steve shares the same energy with the belief that Dean Smith will continue carrying Norwich.

Watford v Sunderland could go in for a ride as Sam predicts 0-2 in favor of Sunderland while Steve has hinted 1-1 for both the teams. The tie comes in after Ismaila Sarr was rumored to be fit again for the in-field action. Watford has a new manager – Rob Edwards – with a not-so-right start. Sunderland has Tony Mowbray joining the force as a new boss.

Watford also takes a score in the prediction because they have displayed an good casino games against their recent opponents, namely West Brom, Sheffield United, and Burnley. Watford went undefeated and scored a total of 7 points.

Tottenham v Leicester could either go 2-0 or 2-1, with Tottenham having better chances of winning the on-field match. Sam is optimistic for a bigger difference as the side has looked in control of the game, and Leicester continues dealing with its defense being a problem.

Steve has given Leicester a slight chance because there is a chance they will fight back with all their strength.

Brentford v Arsenal has better chances of Arsenal with 1-2. Arsenal has not missed a chance to score in any of its seven games and is more likely to carry that energy forward. Brentford will not hold back the loss and bring the event to a tie, followed by an extra from Arsenal with a firm, determined mentality.

Everton v West Ham could go either way. While Sam has called 1-0 in favor of Everton, Steve has predicted 1-2 against Everton.

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