Crown Melbourne to implement mandates drafted by Victoria’s state government

A total of three mandates have been brought to Victoria by the state government. The aim is to make it the global leader in responsible gambling with minimal harm. All three mandates have to be implemented at the earliest, and the first one to do so has to be Crown Melbourne.

The casino is pretty big in size and hosts a large number of punters at the venue.

The first mandate is that Crown Melbourne must limit the time of gambling by not letting a punter bet more than 36 hours in a week. Also, a punter who has bet for 12 continuous hours in a day must be handed a break period of 24 hours. The third portion of the same mandate requires Crown Melbourne to remind punters to take a break of 15 minutes after continuously gambling for three hours.

Another mandate is that the gambling staff will be responsible for talking to their customers about the observable signs of gambling harm. The staff will have enough power to ask them to take a break as well.

A change in the tagline constitutes this mandate which states that advertisers must change the tagline from gamble responsibly to include phrases like chances are that you are about to lose, or you win some, but you lose more. The taglines will also mention details of gambling support services.

Per the latest gambling news, Crown Melbourne has a maximum of six months to revise its codes. Failing to do so will attract severe action from the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission. Furthermore, a penalty of AU $100 million or disciplinary action. Melissa Horne, the Casino, Gaming, & Liquor Regulation Minister, has said that the mandates reflect the expectations that the Crown must aim to lead in the efforts of reducing gambling harm or lose its license.

Melissa Horne has expressed confidence that when Crown Melbourne implements these mandates, then it will become the world’s leading casino to do this. The new directions are in line with recommendations that were made by the Royal Commission.

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