Connor Bedard is poised to win gold at the World Junior Championship

Connor Bedard is inching closer at the World Junior Championship to becoming a prime example of not only breaking Canada’s all-time high records but also complimenting them with a gold medal. The end is getting closer, and fans who can’t wait to see this magic can’t hold back their excitement.

Canada will host the concluding event in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Czech strategy would be all about causing a bit of difficulty for the hosts. The US tried but in vain. A visit to their opponent’s home stadium had little to no effect on their determination to gain a 2-0 lead before Connor Bedard responded strongly to push the hosts to a 6-2 lead. It went to the register despite the outshot of 45–37.

As per online gaming news, Six months before the 2023 NHL Draft, Bedard hopes to seal his legacy by winning the upcoming golf tournament. He has risen to the top of the rankings, but a gold medal would cement his place in history.

Peter Forsberg from Sweden holds the record for 31 points scored in the 1993 tournament. He remembers how the team got left out in the final event when they should have really gone all in for the medal. Bedard has the chance to get out of that situation and make his own space. One game is yet to be played, hopefully, it goes on to favor the hosts.

It took 6 games, just six games, for Bedard to break every Canadian tournament scoring record. He has 9 goals and 14 assists for 21 points to his name.

Other than that, he also has the credit for scoring an important goal in the quarterfinals, which was against Slovakia. Scoring in the extra time paid off, as evident from their advancement to this stage. Hiccups, if any, are less likely to bother Canada. The same was the situation when the US tried to build pressure with two goals. These were later saved by the goalkeeper, reassuring the crowd that their team was still in the game.

His success now awaits induction into the Hockey Hall of Famer. Eric Lindros, a member of Canada’s previous teams, did so in 1991 and 1992. Consecutive victories earned him a much-deserved spot on the list of all-time greats. Jordan Eberle is credited with winning gold and silver during his tenure with the team.

Their fans regard both as all-time greats. If Bedard wins gold and performs well in the competition, it might open the door to a discussion on Thursday about how terrific he is. Connor Bedard has two objectives to pursue. Six months prior to the 2023 NHL Draft, Canada is pursuing its twentieth championship, and he is securing his legacy.

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