Chelsea vs Manchester United: the game highlights

This Saturday, the 22nd of October, 2022, will indeed be one of the most memorable days in their entire lives. However, this is aimed at millions of football fans all across the Globe. The thrilling and really exciting occasion is the football game that will be kick-starting at 5.30 pm BST. The game will be hosted by Stamford Bridge, which happens to be in London.

However, here we are speaking of the Premier League game, which will be played by the two undisputed stalwarts of the football playing world, the Chelsea team, pitted against Manchester United, both of the teams as professional as they can ever be. It is also obvious the kind of thrilling excitement that is to be expected from the quarters of the millions of fans worldwide, who will wait in total anticipation. As per the online gaming news, All around, expectations are running as high as they can get. The platform to view this spectacular game is the TV channels, like the Sky Sports Main Event, The Sports Premier League, the Sky Sports Ultra HDR, and others.

Additionally, fans from all across the Globe can stay tuned to different sites to get all the new and recent highlights of the matches. The live coverage of the games is to be done by none other than Nizaar Kinsella. Chelsea versus Manchester heads to the match with high hopes.

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