CF Montreal beat Vaughan Azzurri 2-0 in Canadian Championship

A recent encounter in the Canadian Championship saw Montreal face Vaughan for a 2-0 win, with both goals coming in the first half of the soccer match. Vaughan started the event on an aggressive note, but that faded out when Montreal began holding on to the possession. The final result in that department went to Montreal with 65% possession against 35% for Vaughan.

The opener for Montreal was scored by Saen Rea in the 31st minute. This was followed by another goal when Sunusi Ibrahim found the net in the next 5 minutes of the Football game. The Preliminary round now sees their efforts take the team to the Quarter-Finals.

Hernan Losada, the head coach of Montreal, has called this a good starting point, adding that circulation of the ball was quicker this time, especially while playing a team in the low or medium block. Montreal should have scored more goals; however, the side has chosen to find satisfaction with the fact that they are gaining rhythm in their game.

Omar Mazrouk attempted to score for Vaughan. A successful find looked obvious when he beat Rudy purely with the pace he carried forward. Logan Ketterer, one to debut for Montreal, finally stopped him from advancing to putting up a single goal on the board.

Expectations were high for the head coach of Vaughan, Sergio de Luca. Plan to capitalize on the space that they would get when the opponent comes with energy and pace. Matched them athletically, definitely, but the keeper left the box nearly unattended for a goal.

As per the latest sports betting news, Sergio has expressed confidence saying that they could have defended the box. Montreal found the net only because they could find that one moment when the box was unsecured.

Vaughan was pushed to defensive third after Montreal regained the momentum. The first attempt of Montreal was in the 25th minute when Illias Illiadis tried a header entering the penalty area.

The second half has the same story, with Vaughan kicking, starting the portion with aggression, and then losing the tone to the composure of Montreal. Winners did look to lose the game under the impression that the first half would not be replicated.

That happened, and no goal was scored. Montreal did not attack. It instead defended the score on the scoreboard with a lot of credit for this to the debutant George Campbell. He was acquired in the off-season, remaining away from the game after sustaining a knee injury.

Losada believes that this was a solid game with a positive impact on the team to keep a clean sheet with its collective efforts.

Montreal is scheduled to face Toronto FC on May 09, 2023. The competition could be fierce since Toronto eliminated them in the semifinal round of last year’s edition. Montreal lost its previous two games against New England and DC United, remaining goalless in both events. As a matter of fact, it remained on the losing side in a total of three previous games after winning against Philadelphia by 3-2.

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